Drainage of sewage from the motorhome

Drainage of sewage from the motorhome – main image

A motorhome, commonly known as a house on wheels, is intended to fulfill similar residential functions. So, in motorhomes, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are standard. Using them is associated with the formation of impurities - gray water and faeces, the discharge of which is the responsibility of the vehicle users. Fortunately, they have special camping accessories at their disposal, which should be included in every motorhome!

Drainage of "gray water"

Washing dishes after a meal or a morning shower are activities that produce the so-called "gray water". Collected in a dedicated tank, built into the motorhome, it is discharged directly to the sewage grate usually located at the designated place on the campsite or special car parks for motorhomes.

Such parking lots have their respective names: Stellplatz (Germany), Aire de Service (France), Aera di Sosta (Italy), Camperpark , Camperservice ... These places can be found, among others, using the website or application on smartofna: www.campercontact.com


Gray water tanks, due to their large capacity, limit the frequency of waste removal. Remember, however, that the "gray water" tanks must not be emptied in places not intended for this purpose, especially in lakes or directly on the ground. At most campsites, you will find special drainage basins where you can easily empty the filled tanks with sewage.

Portable tourist toilets

Free access to the toilet is one of the basic amenities appreciated by caravanning fans. No wonder that portable and built-in toilets are very popular among motorhome owners. The first - portable ones, are perfect for those motorhomes where the installation of a built-in toilet is not possible due to insufficient space. Manufacturers of camping accessories are constantly improving their products, thanks to which the mobile toilets available on the market provide maximum comfort for their users. Modern toilets have two tanks - one for flushing and the other for waste. These must be removed in the toilets or designated areas on the campsite.


A great advantage of the tanks are the compact size of the device, thanks to which they can be easily stored in the motorhome, and the low weight, which allows them to be conveniently carried. The hermetic method of closing is also important, as it makes it easy to empty the toilet without having contact with the dirt itself. Let's not forget that a portable toilet requires the use of special chemicals. Tablets that are added to the tank dissolve dirt and toilet paper - this one also differs slightly from the one used at home, because it is made of easily dissolving cellulose.

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Drainage of sewage from the motorhome – image 1
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