Vintage or… Carrington style

Vintage or… Carrington style – main image

You can travel in various ways - from backpacking trips interrupted by hitchhiking, through long journeys in a small minibus, to trips aboard a luxuriously equipped bus. However, no matter what style of traveling is closest to you, you would definitely find something for yourself at the Caravanning Salon in Poznań.

Once again, the guests visiting the stand were surprised. This time we invited the CarFinderGarage company from Bielsko-Biała to cooperate with us. from old Volkswagen buses (T1 and T2) it conjures up magic vehicles with any equipment.

A classic for Italian camping

The models on display were from the 1970s and looked as if they had just left the factory. In the case of one of them, a lifting roof and kitchen furniture (and, of course, also in vintage style!), Make the Volkswagen a full-fledged motorhome.


However, no matter what you want to travel (you can even choose to hitchhike and a tent), at the stand you could see the offers of the best Italian campsites , and at the same time get attractive discounts on this year's stay at Elite Club Vacanze campsites . Importantly, the presented offer did not only cover pitches for campers and caravans users, but also comfortable holiday homes.

During the Motor Show, we not only answered questions from our guests, but also visited stands of other exhibitors. We stayed on one for a particularly long time.

A camper instead of a jumbo jet

CarGO! is a company that needs no introduction to our readers - it is known for both the rental and sale of motorhomes and caravanning equipment, and during the Caravanning Exhibition it presented one of the largest stands. CarGO! is a distributor of motorhomes of the Pilote Group , which includes, among others Bavaria brand popular in Poland. However, the biggest sensation at the fair was made by three luxury motorhomes of the Le Voyageur brand - all with a permissible total weight exceeding 3.5 tons.


The largest of them is Le Voyageur Liner 874 GD , whose length is 8.68 m and the permissible total weight is 7.49 tons . However, it is not a bus for a school trip, but a mobile apartment for four people, with two beds in the rear part of the cabin (which can be pushed together electrically) and with a fold-down bed in front. Standard - right? Not really, because the amount of space inside is impressive, and the high-quality finishing materials and interesting design also attract attention.

We were also interested in such small things as "carved", giving the impression of ceramic, a panel covering the TV , or electric window blinds. You may also like the white worktop with elegant faucets in the kitchen area and the walls and ceiling covered with fabric (they are pleasant to touch, look nice and, above all, provide additional soundproofing).

The clean water tank has an impressive capacity of 300 liters , the gray water tank - 200 l, and the sewage tank - 150 l. An interesting fact is the possibility of tilting the entire vehicle to one side, so that emptying the tanks is more convenient. The equipment also includes, among others air conditioning, oven, washing machine, central vacuum cleaner , and there is a place for a quad bike in the garage.


The base for this motorhome is Iveco Daily 3.0 (205 HP) with an automatic gearbox. The suspension is - of course - air. Price? Fabulous PLN 1,290,000 and it was a promotional price, available only at the fair.

Full luxury for half the price

As a consolation, we will add that more or less half of this amount may be enough for Le Voyageur, but on the condition that we choose a smaller and slightly less equipped (but still extremely comfortable) 7.8 LU model (this motorhome was awarded by the publisher of our portal).

A vehicle that could be purchased at the fair for a bargain price of PLN 649 thousand. PLN measures 7.85 m, and its permissible total weight is 4.5 t . The motorhome is equipped with a 2.3 MJ engine with 180 HP . This model has an Al-Ko chassis, automatic gearbox and ALDE heating with three power sources.


Although the list of optional equipment is also impressive here, the most impressive thing is the spacious interior, which was achieved not only by the above-average length of the motorhome, but also thanks to the U-shaped sofas around the table at the rear of the vehicle. Standing inside, we get the impression that the car is even bigger than it actually is. The colors are also conducive to this - a combination of light wood and leather upholstery.

The bathroom is a separate room, closed on both sides. The cabinets are illuminated and deep, the refrigerator is spacious (147 l), and the oven in the presented model looked like a typical home gas cooker with burners at the top and the door below… What more could you want?

In the first contact with this vehicle, there is practically nothing to complain about. But what would it be like in everyday use? Well, maybe we should run a test? Preferably long-distance;).

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Sometimes it is better to get lost than to ask for directions too much. Aldous Huxley

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