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Can anyone imagine traveling by car ... on a train? And this is how (and actually only this way) he can transport his car to the largest island of the German archipelago in the North Sea, specifically to Sylt.

Sylt was not an island in the distant past. In the fourteenth century, violent storms literally took it over the mainland, cutting it off from the Jutland Peninsula. However, the people were stubborn and decided to take it from the sea - at least partially. In the 1920s, they constructed the famous 11 km-long Hindenburg Causeway and ran it along a railway line. They didn't even mind that the island was only a few hundred meters wide in some places.

The causeway is closed to car traffic, so if someone would like to drive around the island in their own car, all they have to do is take a train. Alternatively, choose to travel by ferry.

Queen of the North Sea

Sylt is located just off the west coast of Denmark. Like a long tongue, it bursts into the sea for a length of 38.5 km . It is the largest island in the North Friesian archipelago. Its beaches stretch for kilometers, and the landscapes are delightful - although completely different than the cheerful blue and lush green of southern Europe. There are dunes and seas of grass all around. Here and there the horizon is crossed by the slender shape of a lighthouse, and the tranquility of the green broken with gray is disturbed by the red of the cliffs.

This beauty is raw - and expensive. Tourists with rather affluent wallets come to Sylt , because, unfortunately, the prices here are not the lowest. There are 12 towns on the island and visitors can significantly reduce their financial resources in each of them. On the other hand, every euro is worth spending.

Towns of Sylt

The heart of the island known as the Queen of the North Sea is Westerland , a commercial city full of dance clubs, discos and bars. Here you can feel luxury at every step - some people even find them a bit snobbish. After all, in Westerland you can relax in style, have a romantic picnic on the beach, go shopping in an exclusive boutique and spend more than one night in a club pulsating with the latest rhythms.

Quite different is Keitum , a town in which every lover of old style and romance will fall in love. Here life flows slowly and unhurriedly, and abundant flowers grow in nice gardens next to houses covered with a thick layer of bulrushes. It's impossible to walk the streets without a smile, it's so beautiful here.

According to many people, Kampen , a small but elegant village, is one of the most attractive places on the island. It is very elegant, as if it consists of only guesthouses and hotels.

There are plenty of luxurious mansions, bathing areas and boarding houses for the wealthy throughout the island. The characteristic feature of Sylt, however, is not them, but several thousand beach baskets standing next to each other along over 30 kilometers of sandy beach. Amazing view.

Where to stay

Those wishing to stay longer on the island can stay overnight at Campingplatz Rantum Sylt . A parking space for a motorhome costs 22.50 euros a day, while an adult will spend the night for 5 euros. The cost of a child's stay is around 3 euros a day.

Wandering around Sylt, we can admire the scenery and nibble on yeast dough sprinkled with almonds. We will satisfy our hunger in Gourmet restaurants and taste the dishes of the regional cuisine. And then you can go for a walk in Watten. A bit tiring expedition awaits us through vast stretches of marine sediments and silt, exposed twice a day by the sea. You have to remember to take off your shoes - otherwise it will be thrown away.

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