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In the middle of the sea, right next to the famous group of Balearic Islands, lies Sardinia. Although the name is associated with a medium exotic (what's interesting about sardines after all?), The island itself - absolutely. Although Sardinia has been on the tourist route for a long time, many still bypass it, choosing instead to vacation in "mainland Italy". The island is a paradise for everyone: here you will find many opportunities to actively burn calories during mountain hiking - there is no shortage of mountains in Sardinia! Everywhere, however, obviously, we can find dozens, if not hundreds, of beaches that differ in character, allowing everyone to find a place for themselves. A holiday in Sardinia is an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle - the island is a place where people value peace and a traditional way of life. Contrary to the Italian stereotype, they are rather little "shouted" and they approach strangers with initial reserve. However, after breaking the first ice, it turns out that they are the most beloved people in the world who will be happy to draw us into the fascinating circle of their culture.

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Where to start exploring Sardinia ? The best - from finding your "piece of beach". The choice is huge - if we go to the north and north-east coast (between Stintino and Budoni) , we can find some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, including the famous La Pelosa . On the other hand, the southern beaches, more and more often attracting the attention of mass tourism, are among the best equipped and ... boasting the best nightlife. Once we have charged the batteries with the sun, it is worth embarking on one of the yachts (i.e. renting it with friends) and go on a cruise along the Costa Smeralda to admire the fantastic rock formations and the coastline - one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean region. When we have enough water adventures, we can go deep into the island, where we can find several extremely picturesque routes and climbing opportunities. And although it is true that the Sardinian peaks are not the highest and do not exceed 2000 meters above sea level, the ascents and descents will certainly satisfy the demanding - steep and rocky, in winter ... they are covered with snow! Eating in Sardinia is a very serious matter - the strength of tradition is enormous here and the locals usually grimace at the word fast-food. We recommend culurgiones - the local version of ravioli with sheep's pecorino cheese. Salsiccia di cinghiale should appeal to every meat lover, because it is ... wild boar sausage. To end your vacation in Sardinia in the most pleasant way, it is worth drinking a lunch with local wine and indulging in the magic art of relaxation.

Campsites in Sardinia

This island is a perfect place to stay under a starry sky. Camping in Sardinia is one of the best resorts in Europe and each season attracts thousands of independent holidaymakers who appreciate being close to nature. Amenities fit for the XXI. age, the possibility of renting "mobile homes", bungalows or apartments on site, and a wide offer tailored to the needs of both active people and those who, for example, travel with children - we have all this in place. One of the most recommended is Camping Pedra e Cupa , which is perfect for a shorter or longer vacation. Every stay in Sardinia will be unforgettable thanks to a stay in this place. The sound of the pine forest will rock us to sleep, and the sea breeze will wake us up. It is only 100 meters from the campground to the clean, sandy beach - every enthusiast of a blissful rest will surely appreciate it. On site, you can take advantage of the swimming pool and the rental of sailing boats, as well as the offer of animators for children. In the evening, it is worth sitting over a glass of wine in a restaurant and planning your next vacation in Sardinia .

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