The charms of Bogatynia

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Bogatynia is a typical example of places in the style of "you praise others, you do not know your own, you do not know what you have". The picturesque town is famous for its natural resources, Carbonalia and the festival of lies. The atmospheric wooden houses add to its charm.

Recently, it was the fourth anniversary of the flood that caused unimaginable damage in Bogatynia. Almost 1,200 families were injured there. Today the city is booming. Although most associate it with a lignite mine, it is a charming resort with a lot to offer to tourists. Especially thanks to its location - it is located in a place where the borders of three countries meet: Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Open Days of Half-timbered Houses

Bogatynia is located on the land that is part of the historical Upper Lusatia. It belongs to the richest regions of Poland, thanks to the natural resources that have been exploited for years. Everyone who comes here will notice the original architecture of the buildings in the first place. The city boasts the largest number of half-timbered wooden houses in the country, built in the Alsatian and Lusatian styles - there are about 200 of them, 85 of which are listed as historical monuments.

Every year, Bogatynia hosts Open Days of Half-timbered Houses . During them, you can look inside the houses made available by the owners for visiting and see all the nooks and crannies.

Bogatynia festivals

Apart from the wooden houses that make an impression with the richness of ornaments and woodcarving and carpentry decorations, Bogatynia attracts tourists with an unusual competition. Nationwide Tournament of Liars Koziołek Matołek , because we are talking about it, has been taking place for several dozen years, and the players taking part in it are tasked with presenting the most credible or absurd lie. The winners will receive the title of the King of the Liars, the Golden Scythe statuette and fanfare in the rhythm of a bearded traveler who traveled to Pacanów. In 2014, the pool of financial awards amounted to PLN 10,000.

In June, a festival known as Karbonalia is organized in Bogatynia, and more specifically Bogatynia Days of Coal and Energy Karbonalia . During them, concerts of famous artists of the Polish music scene and sports games are held. This year, the 4th Street Race and the World Championship in Pushing a Coal Cart took place. Traditionally, stalls with regional products were placed on Daszyńskiego Street, and those who preferred more active forms of entertainment could jump on a bungee jump or take a large merry-go-round.

City attractions

The list of Bogatynia's monuments is very long. The historic urban layout of the city from the end of the 18th century is definitely worth seeing. The palace and farm complex of the former village of Markocice, built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, is also noteworthy. There is also the "Sztacheta" people's house in the vicinity.

But Bogatynia is not only about historic buildings. Visitors to these areas have the opportunity to admire the landscape from many viewpoints. The panorama consists of numerous hills and mounds, as well as fanciful geological forms, of which there are many. One of these viewpoints is the hill called "Observer" . It is located at Chełmońskiego Street, and on its top there are the remains of the former cemetery. The tombstones are no longer there - they were stolen at the end of the 1990s.

In the past, there was a border crossing in Bogatynia (Bogatynia-Kunratice). If someone wanders towards it, he will come across eratyk , an erratic boulder that is a remnant of a glacier. It is one of the largest objects of this type that can be found in the Bogatynia Land.

People who would like to spend more time at the border of the three countries will not have problems with finding accommodation. There are several campsites in the close vicinity of Bogatynia, and in the city itself there are hotels and guesthouses offering rooms for tourists, organized tours and companies. Everyone will find an offer perfect for themselves.

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