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In the south of Europe lies a small country considered to be one of the greenest in the world, Slovenia. Almost half of its area is covered by forests, and the other - by arable land. It is a country of underground rivers and caves, a paradise for cavers. The Slovenian land hides over 7,000 caves, including the most famous one located in the village of Postojna (Postojna jama). Another cave, Vilenica, hosts a Central European literary festival every year. As the first in Europe, the cave was opened to mass tourism - in 1633, by the decision of the owner, Count Petazzi, it was made available to the inhabitants of Lokev / Corgnale. Slovenia is a country of five historical lands, including the Prekmurje region, nestled between three countries: Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

Prekmurje attractions

Prekmurje is an agricultural region and there are no major urban centers in its area. The largest cities are Murska Sobota and Lendava . The first one is a real treat for football fans - the national team of Slovenia often plays matches at its stadium. An interesting fact is that 100 years ago the city itself and the surrounding area belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary. When visiting the town, it is worth directing your steps to the palace and park complex called Grad Murska Sobota. Established in the fourteenth century, rebuilt at the end of the eighteenth century, it is a symbol, an icon of the city. The entire facility is surrounded by a beautiful landscape park, and the Regional Museum is located in the castle itself. Visitors can learn about the rich history of the region there. When planning a vacation in Slovenia , especially in this region, it is really worth taking time to visit the second largest city of Prekmurje, Lendava . It is located right on the border with Hungary, and is famous for its healing waters. The surrounding paraffinic springs help with rheumatism and nervous system ailments, and nourish the skin, reducing its age. Gourmets of wine will also be satisfied with their stay in the region - Prekmurje is a region of vineyards that produce great wines. The most famous places are Gornja Radgona , famous for its sparkling wine Zlata Radgonska Penina, and Novi Tomaž, a village full of old vineyards.

The Prekmurian sea of flowers

In the town of Dobrovnik, not far from the Hungarian border, there is another point of interest for tourists - the tropical garden "Ocean Orchids". It belongs to a company that is a leading producer and seller of orchids in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In a veritable jungle covering an area of over 1500m², countless exotic plant species, including many carnivores, grow. For visitors interested in the production of orchids, the company offers tours, during which you can, among others, see over 4,000 orchids. Such a day trip to the giga-garden can be an attractive element of a holiday in Hungary . For example, the western shore of Lake Balaton is approximately 87 km away from Dobrovnik.

Camping in Lendava

In the suburbs of Lendava, there is a place where vacationers not only have a great rest surrounded by greenery, but can also relax and unwind in the SPA area. This is Camping Terme Lendava , providing guests with access to 8 pools with thermal water and the possibility of using the wide range of spa services, medical services and the Spa Lendava wellness program. It is a well-equipped tourist complex, and at the same time an ideal base for exploring the attractions of both the region and the whole of Slovenia and neighboring countries. Motorists are close to everything. The campsite also allows you to rent a bike, on which you can discover interesting points of the area. The region attracts lovers of good wine - a stay here is a great opportunity to visit the wineries. The campsite is liked by families with children, people who want to relax in silence, surrounded by nature, surrounded by fields, with views of the vineyards. It is also visited by sports fans who can go fishing, play tennis or volleyball, try archery, horse riding or take part in canoeing on the Mura River. There are many options, just choose the one that suits you best.

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Slovenia is still treated by some as a bridge or a link between countries, a sort of passage to more interesting places. Wrong, because it offers a lot of attractions on its own - and at favorable prices. They include, among others delicious white wines, pumpkin seed oil, as well as hot spring baths and truly Tuscan views. In the northeastern part of the country, right on the border, lies Prlekija, a region whose heart is the city of Ljutomer. It stretches from the rivers Drawa and Mura, from the village of Gornja Radgonja to Ormož. It is the kingdom of white wine, a picturesque area of vineyards covered with hills that reminds many people of Tuscany. A holiday in Slovenia , especially in this part, will mean visiting wineries, getting to know the flavors of local food and making contacts with the locals. They are characterized by openness and sociability, qualities which - according to legends - contributed to changing the plans of the first apostles along with wine. Instead of going on and preaching the Gospel, they preferred to stay here and grow vines. It is not without reason that the village, whose surroundings are considered the most beautiful wine landscapes of Slovenia, is called Jerusalem . It catches the eye with the red roofs above the stone houses and the gleam of the facades of temples decorating the elevations. If we come to Slovenia in spring, it is worth visiting the municipality of Veržej, which extends on the right bank of the Mur. It is especially delightful in the months when nature comes to life, covering itself with carpets of white narcissus. Tourists associate Prlekija with a characteristic landscape feature called klopotec. It is a wooden structure resembling a windmill, and its role is to deter birds from grapevine plantations.