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One of the most beautiful and considered to be the most romantic islands in Italy, Capri remembers events that innocent girls cannot think of. When visiting the vicinity of Naples, it is worth visiting it to immerse yourself in history and listen to what the old buildings purr about.

What is dark and dissolute attracts more than what is cheerful and innocent. The fame of the Italian island of Capri dates back to the distant times of ancient Rome, when Emperor Tiberius built several luxurious villas on it. According to the legends, in the last years of his rule, he indulged in carnal pleasures in them, and the orgies did not end. To commemorate the swaggering hedonism, the beautiful little island was called the Island of Pleasure.

One of the villas that remember the dissolute times of Tiberius is Villa Jovis . Its ruins are located - of course - on Monte Tiberio and offer a wonderful view of the Bay of Naples.

They can be reached by bus from Capri.

On the way from Naples

The charming islet lies in the Gulf of Naples, separated by the Piccola Strait from the Sorrento peninsula. It is tiny (its circumference is only 17 km), but it will be remembered by every visitor. It is a popular destination for tourists who have decided to visit the south of Italy and have come to Naples. You can reach it by hydrofoil or ferry from Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano or the aforementioned Naples. The journey time by the first means of transport is approx. 40 minutes, and the ferry reaches its destination in approx. 80 minutes.

Unlike the rest of the Tyrrhenian islands, Capri is of a karstic, not volcanic origin. For this reason, it is dominated by limestone rocks and its surface is relatively mountainous. The hills are picturesquely jagged and create fanciful forms: terraces, caves, arches and recesses. The limestone rocks are covered with beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, enveloping them in red, yellow and green. The local flora has delighted people for centuries - Homer himself called Capri the Island of Flowers .

The characteristic feature of the island are the Faraglioni rocks , proudly emerging from the water on the south-eastern part. They are 100 meters high, and the most famous of them has a characteristic opening - a gate through which all tourist boats and ships pass.

Attractions of the Flower Island

The mysterious grottos are among the greatest attractions of the tiny island. Among the most popular are Grotta Azzura (Azure Grotto), famous for the enchanting play of sun rays breaking through the rocks. The Grotto Meravigliosa and Grotta Bianca, or the White Grotto, are also very popular among tourists.

Wandering around the island, we will certainly visit Anacapri, a town with a chairlift to Monte Solaro . After reaching the top of the mountain, we will see the stunning landscape of southern Italy with Sorrento, Naples and Vesuvius at the fore. The Apennines and the island of Ischia can also be seen before the eyes of the onlookers.

There is also a town with the same name as the island on Capri. Its center is called Piazza Umberto I, also known as Piazzetta. It is a lovely square surrounded by colorful buildings and paved with volcanic rocks. There is the Moorish Church of Santo Stefano next to it, which is worth having a closer look at while walking.

Capri is worth a sin

Capri tempts with many attractions, and it has only one disadvantage, but quite significant - the price. It is quite expensive in terms of both accommodation and food. On the other hand, Poles liked to come here before the war, regardless of the cost. Proof of the island's popularity among compatriots is the song "Pamiętasz Capri", sung in 1935 by Mieczysław Fogg.

After returning from a trip to the islet, we can also hum the words famous of the time: “Do you remember Capri, among flowers and sun, remember the blue sea among palm trees? You remember Capri, this island of lovers ... ”Because Capri is never forgotten.

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