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The name Trakai comes from the word "trakas", which means "road cut in the forest". Although the city is surrounded by forests - and very lush - but the main accent of the Trakai landscape are lakes. One of them houses a castle which is a showpiece of Lithuania.

Long after the capital of the Lithuanian state was moved to Vilnius, Trakai was the residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Today, it is an important cultural and tourist center that enjoys great popularity. Every year they are visited by thousands of tourists who want to get to know the attractions of Lithuania, including the most famous architectural defense complex of the country.

Castle on the water

Most of Trakai's monuments are located on the main street leading to the island castle. The castle itself is a showcase of Lithuania and the city's most frequently visited landmark. Beautifully situated on Lake Galvè, it attracts the eye from a distance with its slenderness, characteristic of the style in which it was rebuilt, i.e. the Gothic.

Due to the turmoil of history, a large part of the complex is a reconstruction. The Trakai Castle owes a lot to Polish art historians who, before World War II, contributed to the protection of the building against further damage. Looking at the buildings, it is not difficult to see the designer's inspiration with the architecture of Gothic castles from Mazovia (including Łowicz).

The castle is beautifully seen from the terrace of the former residence of the Tyszkiewicz family, Zatrocze . It consists of a neoclassical white palace and a vast park based on a forest complex. The local landscapes delighted the Italian film crew so much that in 2012 they shot the mini-series "Anna Karenina" with Vittoria Puccini in the lead role.

Attractions of Trakai

It is worth visiting the Karaim Museum and getting acquainted with the culture of an exotic national minority. About 1.5 thousand of its representatives live in Europe, several hundred of which - in Lithuania. Karaites from Trakai say that they are the only nation in the world who can meet in full at one wedding.

There are several restaurants with traditional menus in the Karaim part of the city. Guests can try the honey and herbal Karaite barley or kibinas, i.e. dumplings stuffed with mutton.

The Hill of Angels , with almost 40 oak statues, is also worth exploring. The project was born in 2010, and its originator was the folk artist Algirdas Sakalauskas, who was later joined by other wood carvers. The Skamba giesmės Angelų kalvoje , a festival of sacred music, is held here every month.

Trakai campsites

Lovers of recreation in greenery will be more than satisfied. They will especially like the offer of Kempingas Slėnyje , located on the northern shore of Galvè, overlooking the Zadar Manor and the castle on the island. In the past, it focused mainly on caravanning, today it has expanded its activities to ecotourism and services in the field of biological regeneration and recreation. Wellness & Relax Park slenis offer includes: steam baths, Nordic walking in the forests, hiking and biking tours and a range of SPA treatments (including relaxation, massages and healing wraps). As you can see, camping overnight is actually an addition to the facility's wide range of services. An adult will spend a night here for 5-6 euros, children aged 2-14 for 2-3 euros. A parking space for a camper costs 7-9 euro / day.

Those who would like to stay overnight in a hotel room or apartment can choose the Riterio Krantas Rural Tourism Complex . It has, inter alia, saunas and a swimming pool with cascades and a jacuzzi. Another option worth considering is Dalgedų sodyba , which offers hotel services and the organization of all kinds of special events. The prices for a stay for 1 person are in the range of EUR 23-58 (depending on the standard of the room) per night.

There are many options for accommodation, so it will be easy to find the perfect place for you. Trakai and the surrounding land of lakes will charm everyone who comes here.

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