The most interesting places in Wisła and the surrounding area

The most interesting places in Wisła and the surrounding area – main image

Wisła is called the Pearl of the Silesian Beskids for a reason. It is a beautiful town located in the mountainous surroundings, which can be visited all year round. There is not only a rich and diverse accommodation base waiting for guests on site, but also many interesting places, the presence of which makes it impossible to get bored in Wisła. To make it easier to plan a vacation in Adam Małysz's hometown, we have prepared a list of attractions that are worth including in the plan of your stay in Wisła. here they are!

Barania Góra and other hills in the Vistula

Barania Góra is the highest peak of the Vistula River, which rises to a height of 1220 m above sea level. The trip to it takes about 2 hours, but it is worth taking up the challenge, because all the hardships are rewarded by the view from its top. On Barania Góra there is a 15-meter observation tower, which allows you to admire the beautiful panorama of the area. From the tower we will see e.g. Skrzyczne, Babia Góra, the Tatra Mountains, and in good weather also the Jeseníky Mountains.

Krzakoska Skała (730 m above sea level), also known as the Rock on Kobyla, is almost a half lower on the map of the Vistula. It is a huge rock, as high as 10 meters, and one of the largest tracks of this type in the entire Silesian Beskids. You can get to it by following the blue trail from Wisła Dziechcinki to Wielki Stożek. This place is worth visiting not only because of the beautiful views, but also for the famous bench of love, which stood on its top in 2020.

Another natural attraction of the Vistula is the waterfall in Wisła Czarne. Its height reaches 8 meters and is called the Vistula Niagara by both locals and tourists. This is a unique place that stimulates the imagination and arouses admiration for the forces of nature that were able to create such a spectacular place. Near the Biała Wisełka Valley, there is Lake Czerniańskie - an equally charming place that looks beautiful all year round.

The most interesting places in Wisła and the surrounding area – image 1

Monuments and other attractions in the Vistula

Wisła is famous not only for its natural treasures located in its vicinity, but also for its numerous monuments. One of the most famous of them is the Castle of the President of the Republic of Poland. The building was built in the 1930s and is divided into two independent buildings - the Zameczek and the Upper Castle. Both are located near Lake Czerniańskie. The center of the village is also full of places worth visiting.

In the heart of Wisła, tourists can find a promenade with highlander pubs, stalls and restaurants. It is here that you can feel the truly touristic atmosphere of the Vistula River, as well as find accommodation for your stay. The largest Polish tourist portal, , will help in booking it, the offer of which should be read by every lover of traveling and discovering new, fascinating corners of our country.

A little further from the promenade, there is the Market Square with stalls with local handicrafts, a fountain and the Spa House. Inside, another attraction of the village awaits tourists - a sculpture of the famous ski jumper Adam Małysz, entirely made of white chocolate. After seeing the center, it is worth directing your steps towards Park Kopczyński. Its central point is the renovated Amphitheatre, which regularly hosts cultural and outdoor events.

In the Kopczyński Park you can also admire the famous stone bears. On the map of the village there are more places related to these nice animals, where tourists are shown on the Bear Trail. Interestingly, the figurines scattered around the Vistula River are made of Godulski sandstone - a local stone of high durability, which is mined in the municipality of Brenna.

In addition to the Kopczyński Park, stone bear cubs can be found, among others. by the promenade, near the Chocolate Pump Room, by Jaś and Helenka's Olimpijczyka Cottage, and by the Wiślańska Niagara. As you can see, there is no shortage of interesting places in Wisła that are worth visiting. In order to spend your vacation here in a comfortable and pleasant way, it is worth betting on proven accommodation available in Wisła , which can be quickly and conveniently searched and booked online.

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