The sky of Danish eagles

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In the north of Jutland, a sandy peninsula protrudes into the sea and is the sunniest place in all of Denmark. This is Skagen Odde, the Land of Light, at the end of which the waters of two seas meet, dancing in a passionate dance. The peninsula is one of Denmark's greatest attractions, attracting tourists from all over Europe. Many fell in love with him, including Holger Drachmann, a painter, writer and poet. The feeling was so great that he did not want to part with the sight of the colliding waves also after death - his wish was to be buried in the dunes.

Green that conquered the sand

When talking about this region of Denmark , the area under the headland cannot be overlooked. Maybe not so famous, maybe not so picturesque, and above all - maybe not providing such sensations as the northern tip of the land, where two forces of the same element clash, but it certainly has a lot to offer people who love relaxation by the sea and contact with the vastness of space . At the end of the nineteenth century, North Jutland was covered with tracts of greenery, designed not only to please the eyes of the inhabitants, but also (above all) to stop migrations and the expansion of sand. Hectares of grass have been sown, hundreds of trees have been planted, so today we will take a trip to Skagen through beautifully forested areas, passing towns such as Aalbaek and Tversted along the way. Next to the latter, there is the so-called Versted Klitplantage, overgrown with birch and spruce, oak, pine and mountain pine - a place perfect for rest, relaxation, relaxation and recharging batteries better than in a luxury SPA.


Stop on the way to Skagen

On the way to the region's greatest tourist attraction, it is worth stopping at least in one of the villages under the headland. It is a good idea to travel to Tversted , which has one of the widest beaches on this part of the coast. An interesting option to get to know the area is the so-called bunker tour, i.e. visiting old bunkers. We will feel the atmosphere of Tversted while walking along the seashore and admiring the somewhat nostalgic landscapes with dunes in the foreground (second and third). On the way, we come across a blue booth serving the famous ice cream covered with a meringue cap - Det Blå Ishus. You can have lunch in Tversted in one of several restaurants, for example in Tversted Strandkro, which is picturesquely situated by the sea. The town is not very big, but apart from wonderful landscapes, it also offers a lot of cultural attractions. In summer, it hosts concerts of famous Danish singers, and in autumn - Tversted Jazzy Days. Approximately 5.6 km away is Bindslev with its eagle reserve, Ørnereservatet , which attracts tourists. The icon of the facility was Frank Wenzel, a nature photographer famous for his almost magical contact with birds of prey. Thanks to him, today Denmark enjoys the position of an international expert in the field of knowledge of their biology and habits. Wenzel restored the falconry tradition to favor, arousing great media attention. He died in 2015 at the age of 77.

Camping in Aalbæk


The Tversted area invites to camping, offering overnight stays at the campsite and in private accommodation. Tourists preferring hotels will find many, among others in Hirtshals (15.5 km), famous for its aquarium with giant sunfish. Skiveren Camping is located right at the base of the headland, in close proximity to Tversted. It is a very large 4-star camping, whose guests have at their disposal, among others, swimming pool, wellness center with sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath and gym. This is only a fraction of the offer of the facility, which is a few minutes' walk from the sea, and 25 km from Skagen. The distance from Frederikshavn, the town and seat of the commune bearing the same name, is approximately 35 km. After reaching the destination, the next point of the trip may be a ferry cruise to, for example, Oslo and give yourself a chance to get in touch with the stunning Scandinavian landscapes.

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