The White Lady of Corfe Castle

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Near Bournemouth, one of the English favorite seaside resorts, is a town famous for its 1000-year-old ruins. It is called Corfe Castle, and will tell more than one story to eager people.

In the immediate vicinity of Bournemouth, southwest of London, lies the small town of Corfe Castle. Above it there is a chalk hill of the same name, and on it there are unusual ruins. These are not the ordinary remains of one of the many castles that have suffered from the turmoil of history - they are more than a thousand years old.

Due to its hilltop location, the remains of Corfe Castle are visible from afar, even from miles away. As you drive through Dorset, you can't help but notice them. In summer, you can visit the ruins from 10am to 6pm, in winter - until 4pm. The admission ticket costs £ 8.50.

Don't look at the castle at night!

As befits such ancient ruins, they are surrounded by an aura of mystery, additionally supported by the mist that often envelops the top of the hill. Both local residents and guides know various (often bloody) stories related to the castle, legends and stories about ghosts. When you look at the misty contours of Corfe Castle , your skin tingles. Maybe it's better not to turn your back on them, especially at night?

The first records of the building date back to the 9th century. Over the centuries, she had seen many things, survived many, only defeated her ... human vengeance. During the civil war in the 17th century, the Banks family, the then owner of the castle, sided with the royalists. Parliament's troops blew up Corfe Castle in retaliation. At the top of the wounded hill, only ruins remain.


Corfe Castle's bloody past

The castle is considered a haunted place , which attracts paranormal seekers. Every now and then a note appears in the media about someone who saw a ghost among the ruins - be it a knight's armor ringing or a wailing woman in white.

If the hill could speak, it would probably tell the story of King Edward , murdered in the castle by his stepmother, who wanted to see on the throne not his stepson, but her own son. The church recognized Edward as a martyr and proclaimed a saint. The hapless king is not the only one to die within the walls of Corfe Castle.

Corfe Castle town

The village at the foot of the hill also deserves attention. Tourists visiting the ruins enjoy strolling through the medieval streets, looking at the old buildings. The charm of Corfe Castle is also added by the fact that from every place you can see the ruins of the castle, which gives the impression that he was taking care of the town, like an old and scarred but still formidable knight.


Corfe Castle Model Village is waiting for guests in the heart of the village, where you can see how the castle and the town looked before the Cromwell invasion. You can also drink tea, relax in the beautiful garden and feed the birds.

Approximately 2.5 km from the ruins is the Brenscombe Outdoor Center , a leisure center offering entertainment for all ages.

Camping overlooking the castle

About 1 km west of the village is the Norden Farm campsite, where you can spend the night in your own mobile home. We will pay 9-16.50 pounds for a parking space for a motorhome, a night for an adult costs 3 pounds, and for a child - 2.50 pounds. You can come here with your pet (there is no fee for the dog staying at the campsite).

When in Bournemouth, it is worth visiting a place that is remembered by more than many chroniclers, at least for a few hours. The more so that the journey takes only 40 minutes.

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