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When traveling to Masuria, you will have an amazing adventure, meeting not only interesting and beautiful nature at any time of the year, but also a land rich in its history, full of monuments and undiscovered secrets.


Mikołajki, called the Polish Venice, is one of the most attractive tourist places in the region, mainly due to its location, between Lake Mikołajskie and Tajty, on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes. In the summer you can hear traditional shanties here. Due to the fact that it is one of the main shipping junctions, you can come across many amazing sailing stories here. The location between Ryn and Pisz, Giżycko and Ruciana Nida makes this seemingly small town extremely "bustling" in the season. Hence the rich tourist offer where everyone will find something for themselves.

Saint nicholas' day


Reszel, located near Kętrzyn, is known primarily for its fortress, the construction of which dates back to 1350. Later, the building was transformed into a hunting palace, and then a prison. The fortress survived the prisoners' revolt and was set on fire. Despite this, you can still observe medieval defense methods in the form of machines, thanks to which boiling water and tar were poured on enemies. The beautiful surroundings can be admired from a high tower, and the courtyard right next to the castle and the defensive gate are a characteristic building of this era.


Recent revelations about the facility in Rapa, commonly known as the pyramid in Rapa, made this facility more attractive for tourists and more ... mysterious. Although the archaeological work is not over yet, more and more people traveling near Węgorzewo are coming to Rapa. Baron Friedrich von Fahrenheid was interested in Egyptology, hence it is said that the building was erected in accordance with the principles of concentration of the positive energy of the Earth and the Cosmos.



The attractions of Olsztyn were shaped mainly historically within the Old Town. Medieval walls are visible in several places, and the whole architectural attractiveness of Olsztyn in the Old Town is associated with the flowing Łyna River, which adds a special charm to this part of the city, especially in summer, where the winding streets in the park are highly appreciated by tourists. In addition, in summer, one of the longest festivals in Poland takes place here - the Olsztyn Artistic Summer.


The village of Stańczyki has one of the highest railway viaducts in Poland, rising over 36 meters, and is one of the greatest attractions in the vicinity of the Rominicka Forest. A breathtaking, picturesque road leads to the monument, which allows you to enjoy the charms of this place, especially in the colorful autumn.

Railway viaducts


In the village of Gierłoż, the largest of Hitler's quarters was built, which was to act as bunkers for the high command of the vermacht. 50 bunkers without windows, but with several doors, as concrete blocks armed with reinforced concrete walls and a system of tunnels, are the ruins of a huge structure erected for strategic and military purposes. Looking at them, one cannot help but feel the enormous effort and determination of Nazi Germany during the course of World War II.

Warmia and Mazury is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Poland and Europe. Thanks to the recently created regional airport in Szymany near Szczytno, these attractions are even more accessible to interesting travelers.

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