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Riva del Garda is a true gem in the Lake Garda area. It's a great place for a weekend. It has a Mediterranean climate, and you can admire the breathtaking views and taste local delicacies.

Each season of the year is amazing in its own way. Below, let us briefly describe the emotions that accompany your stay in Riva del Garda in the Garda Trentino area .

The town is situated between two mountains: Rocchetta rises to the west and Baldo Peak to the east. Riva del Garda is a great place for a weekend getaway. Here you can admire breathtaking views, romantic nooks and Mediterranean fragrances. Tourists can stay at one of the beautiful campsites (in the town itself or in one of the nearby villages) .

Activity or relaxation as you prefer

The Mediterranean climate means that during the summer (and even when the golden autumn comes) in Riva del Garda , you can enjoy sunbathing all day long on one of the long beaches on the shores of Lake Garda in the Trentino region.

Regardless of the season, a weekend in Riva allows you to combine completely different experiences in one trip: it is an opportunity for sports and outdoor activities (we recommend windsurfing, kayaking, climbing or hiking and biking tours for lovers of strong emotions), but also the opportunity to relax and rest on a short walk through the narrow streets of the old town where poets and writers once strolled in search of inspiration for new works.

Whatever your preference, Riva del Garda has something for everyone who wants to spend an unforgettable holiday.

The mild climate favors the typical Mediterranean vegetation that can be seen literally everywhere as far as the eye can see: palm trees, laurels, but also citrus groves (among them a certain species of lemon with a unique aroma dominates) and olive trees, which are used to produce the famous virgin olive oil. These are the northernmost olive groves in the world! Behind the 46th parallel.

Here, at the foot of Mount Rocchetta, you can experience the wealth of ancient art and culture with your own eyes: a must-see is La Rocca, a site that houses a museum and art gallery. The building itself dates from 1124. It was built as a fortress to guard the city on the shores of the lake. Today we can admire it in the shape it gained in the 14th century, when it was restored by the Scaliger family.

Heading towards the city center, we can admire the wonderful thirteenth-century tower Apponale . It makes an impression from a distance, and when you get closer, you can appreciate the beauty hidden in the details. In the past, it was a place of trade. At the top of the tower, you can see the city's symbol known as 'l'anzolìm de la tor', meaning an angel playing the trumpet. Do you know what this is? It's a weather vane! This is because the wind is of great importance here. Therefore, you can try windsurfing or sailing here. If you want to take the first step in this direction, check out one of the many local nurseries!

Among the routes around the city, the one that touches the Palazzo Pretorio is also worth mentioning. Here you can see traces of the former glory of the Roman Empire, but also remnants of the Middle Ages and later eras. While walking around the city, it is also worth paying attention to several churches, for example the unique and unforgettable baroque temple of Chiesa dell'Inviolata . The outer contour of the church is square, while inside, a surprise awaits us: an octagonal space with five altars, frescoes, stuccoes, carved wooden confessionals and marble floors.

At the end of the weekend, you can plan a walk along the Ponale trail or the scenic Busatte-Tempesta trail! You can also jump out to the nearby Lake Tenno, located near the medieval village of Canale, which is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. If you are going with children, they will love the Varone Falls as well.

You may find that a weekend in Riva del Garda is not enough! You will have to come back and taste local specialties such as carne salada , freshwater fish (whose taste is perfectly emphasized by virgin olive oil from the Garda Trentino region), plums from Dro, honey, wine and nuts! It's time to book another weekend, right?

Camping on Lake Garda - an option for everyone

At campsites close to Lake Garda you can enjoy a holiday at a reasonable price all season long. The campsites are located near a lake and surrounded by lush greenery - perfect for those who appreciate closeness to nature. Bicycles, windsurfing equipment, canoes and pedal boats can be rented on site. The campsites are adapted to different requirements. Guests can choose to stay in a tent, motorhome or caravan. Many lakeside campsites also offer a wide range of entertainment services, bars and restaurants: click to find out more .

Garda Trentino - Your Destination, Your Home

The Garda Trentino region has thought of absolutely everything to make your holiday better and safer and to make every day of your holiday a wonderful experience.

Here you will breathe fresh air and the Garda Trentino mountains will be the perfect spot for an active and safe holiday. All the hotel and restaurant services here work very hard to provide everyone with the necessary security measures, incl. organizing the space in such a way as to ensure a safe distance for everyone. The rooms are disinfected, gloves and masks are used. But remember that behind them are the same smiling faces eager to welcome all the tourists.

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