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Lombardy, one of the richest regions in Europe, has plenty of tourist attractions. The pearl of this milk and honey (although it would be more appropriate here: wine and olive oil) of the flowing region of Italy is Garda, the largest and cleanest lake in the country. Due to the mild climate, it is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, and the fauna living in its waters is equally rich. In the past, the air around the lake smelled of citrus - numerous oranges were built here.

If you dare to try to rank tourists visiting Garda, you can say that the southern shores are chosen by amateurs of blissful rest, relaxation in thermal baths, and always young at heart, who love having fun in amusement parks. In turn, the north of the lake is the region of water sports enthusiasts, with particular emphasis on surfers.


As fun, it's in Lombardy

On the south shore is Gardaland , the most famous amusement park in Lombardy and Italy. Amateurs of great fun come to him from all over the continent. They include representatives of all social and age groups, from families with children to daredevils who want to test their endurance. The complex offers over 70 attractions divided into 3 thematic groups (Fantasy, Adventure and Adrenaline). There are several restaurants and bars on the premises, next to the park there is a hotel and the Gardaland SEA Life Aquarium , open to visitors all year round. Here you can meet the inhabitants of the undersea world, traversing the waters of large aquariums.


Approximately 15 km from the amusement park, on a narrow promontory extending into the lake, lies the exclusive resort of Sirmione . The local hotels are visited by people who do not like to say nothing to themselves while relaxing. These are the most prestigious facilities on the lake - they have their own thermal pools, and the prices of the apartments are not too friendly. Sirmione has pebble beaches and a nice historic center, separated from the rest of the headland by a moat around the castle.

The wind from the north - surfers' town

Another interesting place is Torbole, the town of windsurfers famous throughout Europe. Approx. 4 km away from Riva del Garda , Sirmione's main competitor on the market of prestigious resorts on the Garda. If someone came on vacation to Italy with a board, it is very likely that he has planned a vacation here. Fans of catching the wind in the sail fill the local beaches and lake waters, they even have special bases on the outskirts - ports with fenced parking lots, accessible only to surfers. There are accommodation rooms and restaurants waiting for them. There is a boulevard along the beach of the resort, and right behind it a strip of well-kept greenery, used by tourists for sunbathing almost on a par with the beach. At the shore there is a marina for cruise ships, and those who are willing can also rent pedal boats. Today, Torbole is loved by surfers, and in the past its beauty was appreciated by artists, including poets. The town stole the heart of, among others Goethe, who described them as a miracle of nature. It is enough to come here to understand why - and fully share his opinion.

Camping on Lake Garda

Garda is such an attractive point of Italy that there are hotels and campsites practically every step, no matter which shore we are most interested in. Those interested in staying as close to the lake's attractions as possible will be fully satisfied with their stay at the Village La Gardiola campsite .


It is located in San Felice del Bennaco, surrounded by greenery. Tourists staying there can enjoy relaxing on the beach and admiring the landscapes - you can see, among others, Manerba del Garda. The camping offers accommodation on plots right next to the lake and in mobile homes with air conditioning and TV. It is not only a great place for people who want to spend their holidays on the Garda, it is also an ideal starting point for tourists planning to explore the area. Cycling enthusiasts have a lot to show off on the picturesque routes running across the hills, the routes also tempt amateurs of walks. Sirmione is approximately 30 km away, Gardaland is 40 km and Torbole is approximately 58 km.

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