Weekend in Wrocław - what to see?

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Living in Poland, it is good to change the surroundings from time to time and leave your city for the weekend to see how this world functions in another part of the country. Among the many travel destinations, it is worth choosing Wrocław, which is not only one of the oldest Polish cities, but also has a very rich tourist offer.

It has been known for a long time that the Town Square is a good start to any sightseeing, so also in this case you could start with it, and then go to other attractions, passing many beautiful monuments, cafes, restaurants, etc. direct your steps? About it below.

City of Dwarfs

It may be a bit strange, but Wrocław is mostly dominated by ... dwarfs. This is directly related to the so-called The Orange Alternative, which was the 20th century anti-communist movement and partly modeled its activities on the Dwarf Party. Today, they are not only hastily painted graphics on the walls, but also real, metal figurines of gnomes that have been placed all over the city center. Everyone has their own name, and there are as many as 300 of them here, of which at least 10 can be found on the Market Square and in the vicinity of the town hall. A photo with a dwarf is therefore obligatory, especially since everyone is different, and from time to time a new one appears.

historical Museum

We associate museums with antiques and boredom locked in showcases. Not in Wrocław. Here, in the Royal Palace, there is a Historical Museum, which not only has many memorabilia of the past centuries, but also can use multimedia equipment to properly present its own history, which is extremely rich. And when we are tired of this dose of history, we can go to the pre-war Jewish district to eat something tasty in one of the many restaurants.

There are a lot of attractions here

If we wanted to describe every attraction that Wrocław offers to its tourists, this article would be terribly long, and that's not the point here. Therefore, we have compiled an extremely extensive list of places to see below, and the choice should be made to individual preferences:

  • St. Elżbieta Węgierska (a beautiful sacred building),
  • The tenement houses of Hansel and Gretel altarists (medieval buildings),
  • Slaughterhouses (a part of Wrocław closely related to the butcher industry, under the patronage of the butcher the dwarf and the Monument to the Slaughter Animals),
  • Ostrów Tumski and approx. 220 Wrocław bridges (the city is also called the Venice of the North),
  • bridge of love,
  • The Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław (you can see about 11,000 species of plants here and relax in peace and quiet before the way back to the hotel or home),
  • Centennial Hall (a historic building, entered on the list of architectural objects under UNESCO protection),
  • Japanese garden in the Centennial Hall,
  • Multimedia fountain.

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