Where to vacation abroad? Of course for camping!

Where to vacation abroad? Of course for camping! – main image

The campsite is an ideal place for a holiday with children - games supervised by animators, a swimming pool , and often even an aqua park , and a lot of peers to play with. No wonder kids love it.

"Does anyone know any proven camping for children 4 and 8 years old? I am interested in some cheap bungalows or cottages by the sea , it would be good with a swimming pool. What is the order of the costs? 2-week stay, can anyone recommend something? "

“We are going camping with children for the first time (a 4-year-old daughter and a 3-month-old son). We would be grateful for any valuable tips. "

You can find dozens of such threads on the web, which is a clear confirmation of the constantly growing interest in the campsite offer. Families with children are a group looking for attractive places with quiet at night, reasonable prices, as well as playgrounds and animators . Many campsites have met their expectations by preparing offers for such visitors.

Beach holiday? Choose a camping!

The family who decides to spend a camping holiday will have something to remember. Children are not bored, and parents can rest assured of their safety - more and more centers offer the possibility of leaving children under the care of professionals, while adults rest, for example, by the pool or in a cafe.


Modern campsites offer a variety of activities for all ages . They provide the youngest guests with amenities such as a playground , as well as football, volleyball and basketball fields. They have smaller and larger swimming pools (also heated) with a separate area for children, water playgrounds, spray parks, jacuzzis and slides . Many hectares of campsites even have their own huge aqua parks .

Campsites for toddlers ...

More and more campsites tempt with an extensive offer of entertainment for children, which can be demonstrated by the example of resorts in the Gulf of Venice. Such a resort is no longer an ordinary campsite . For example, Pra 'delle Torri Holiday & Golf Center in Caorle has huge inflatable toys in the playground for all ages. The Union Lido Park & Resort in Cavallino-Treporti offers swimming pools for children . Sant'Angelo Village, on the other hand, has a complex of swimming pools with slides . It is a very well-kept and colorful campsite, which is why it is liked by families with small children. In such places, the few-year-olds will feel like in paradise. They can soak in warm water for hours and use miniature slides. The ideal campsites for children can be found in our campsite list.

In summer, many campsites have shows and performances for children, organized by animators. They also run children's clubs . Children can scratch in them and take part in creative workshops to develop their imagination. In special children's zones, games that develop psychomotor skills and games that help in socialization await them.


… And for teenagers

Children from a few to a dozen years old will have as much fun at the campsite as the little ones. Be it on the huge playground, wave pool or on a pirate ship ( Camping Ca'Savio, Treporti ).

Older children can easily see that learning doesn't have to be boring at all . The Croatian camp Čikat is a good example. In his Pepé Amusement Park, children can have fun in the sports hall and take part in educational workshops where they meet the Lošjin dolphin and griffon vultures. In addition, the animators offer daily entertainment programs, such as mini discos, carnival ball, volleyball matches and bicycle trips.

You don't have to look far for a campsite with a wide range of games and activities for children. In 2014, the animators of Holiday Camping Resort in Łazy conducted a number of activities for the whole family, including Speedminton tournaments, Rodeo Taurus, Podchody, Aquaparty and Aquadance, volleyball and beach ball games, as well as cinema screenings and competitions at the swimming pool.

Regardless of whether we go camping in Poland or abroad, it will be an unforgettable time. Both parents and children are guaranteed memories that cannot be provided by any trip program with a stay at the hotel.

Now planning your vacation can be even easier with our camping promotional offers search engine . In addition to promotions at campsites, you will also find last-minute offers for renting a motorhome or caravan. To make a reservation, simply contact the campsite or rental company and refer to one of the offers below according to the instructions in the offer. Camping Promo does not mediate in reservations, but only helps to find the most interesting promotions available on the market.

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