Uncompromising alcoves from Eura Mobil

The alcoves are usually associated with budget structures found mainly in rental shops. Such a conviction may be detrimental to this group of vehicles, because there are brands that focus heavily on the development of this segment and use not the cheapest solutions. The Eura Mobil brand, whose alcoves have been hailed as the best in this class of vehicles by demanding journalists, offers as many as 5 different layouts.

The Activa model line includes vehicles with a length of 589 to 699 cm, intended for 4 to 6 people. The total height is 315 cm. At the beginning, you should focus on the features that distinguish the brand from others in this segment. Their design has nothing to do with budget solutions. It is hard to look for the factory chassis of the Fiat at the rear - we are dealing with a dedicated, low CCS frame, which (more on that in a moment) gives us a large cargo space in the floor and affects the comfort and safety - the axle is 198 cm wide. The walls and roof are made of a damage-resistant resin laminate, ensuring outstanding tightness and easy repairs. The floor is 38 mm thick, the walls are 30 mm thick, and the roof is 32 mm thick. The insulation is at the highest, "winter" level - the wall connections are made in a technology that excludes thermal bridges.

The serial drive is a 120 hp Fiat Ducato. The option is 140, 160 and even 180 horsepower. The most interesting flavor, however, is the DMC - the standard is, of course, 3.5 tons. However, we have the option of increasing this parameter to 3.65 or even 4.4 tons. This gives families, in particular, unlimited room for maneuver in terms of load capacity - not only luggage, but also additional equipment will find a place here without fear of overweight. Few of the car makers of the alcove type offer such flexibility.

Original interior layouts

Of course, packaging is not everything. Eura Mobil does not follow the beaten track and does not follow the same patterns. Overview of the available variants:

  • AO550S - length 589 cm, designed for 4-6 people (4 places to sleep), bathroom in the back across the vehicle AO570HS - length 599 cm, designed for 4 people, bathroom behind the cab, in the back a spacious living room with sofas arranged in the shape of a letter " AT"
  • AO650HS - length 650 cm, for 4 people, separate beds in the alcove positioned longitudinally (not across) with the possibility of connecting them, additional wardrobes behind the cab, twin arrangement from the middle to AO570HS
  • AO690HB - 699 cm long, for 6 people, the layout most similar to the classic constructions popular on the market - behind the cab, two face-to-face sofas with a table placed between them, a modular kitchen with a hinged bulkhead wall, a wardrobe and a transversely positioned a bed with a step and a door
  • AO690VB - length 699 cm, intended for 6 people, at the back there is a bunk bed and a children's room with a table and seats with the possibility of extending the surface of the lower bed.

Especially the AO570HS and AO650HS models deserve attention - it is an extremely interesting proposition for both families and traveling couples. These cars are practical and offer outstanding space inside, all while maintaining compact external dimensions.

The rear lounge provides the comfort of a caravan, and the cabinets above it will accommodate a lot of luggage. The bathroom is practical and does not take up much space. The kitchen is well-thought-out and (which does not happen often) is characterized by exemplary thought-out ergonomics. It is especially worth emphasizing the arrangement of the sink and the stove - they have been placed in the countertop so as to leave room for a working space. This is a common sin of motorhome builders - lack of space for a cutting board when preparing a meal can be irritating.

The alcove is recommendable

Of course - like every brand, also Eura Mobil constructs the price list in such a way that it is possible to personalize with the use of various packages. As a standard, however, we get a beautifully designed, bright interior with neatly folded and functional equipment. As much as 37 cm of space in the double floor is a real "stump" - there will be no problems with packing sports equipment, shoes and provisions. At the same time, the floor is heated, which significantly improves thermal comfort in the winter. We have "winter resistance" as standard here. 150 liters for clean water and the same amount for gray water is a very decent reservoir. A gel battery with a capacity of 80 Ah can be extended, and in combination with a solar panel, we will become energy independent for a longer time.

Taking into account the quality of buildings and technological advancement, it is not surprising that (not only) German experts are delighted - Eura Mobil is not a proposition for the masses and will certainly not be of interest to price-bargain hunters. Activa series cars, however, are worth every zloty spent and will please their owners for many years without losing much of their value.
The official representative of the Eura Mobil brand is ACK Benimar Polska from Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

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