Bishop's wine from Slavonia

If beer is associated with the monks, wine certainly with the bishops. And certainly with the bishops of Dakovo, a town lying in the Croatian region of Slavonia. Those people became known as enthusiasts of this noble drink. The most famous wine, Mandičevac, was named after one of the bishops.

Đakovo is a picturesque Croatian town, known as a birth place of the majority of the bishops in the country. It’s located on the site of the ancient Romanesque settlement called Certissa, in the eastern part of Croatia.

Food for the spirit, food for the body

Dakovo’s symbol is a huge sacred building with impressive dome - Cathedral of St. Peter. It astonishes not only with its size, but also numbers that are associated with it. It was built of 7 million red bricks, has 2 slender bell towers, moreover, its interior is home to 7 altars, and the whole is decorated with 43 murals. It’s located on the Peter Street, being the most distinctive landmark of the city.

Dakovo attracts gourmets, who love the local delicacies such as fiš paprikaš (a thick fish soup), čobanac (a kind of stew) or đakovački kulen (ham). Nonetheless, an undoubtable specialty of the town is wine. There are legends that drink from the cellars of the local bishops is second to none. The most famous Slavonic wines include Mandičevac, whose name comes from the name of one of the bishops of Đakovo, Antun Mandic.

Many Faces of Dakovo

Tourists associate Đakovo with colorful folk festivals, horse competitions and beautiful embroidery. It’s full of life throughout the year, providing a lot of attractions at any time of the year. In the summer (July) there’s held Dakovački vezovi, one of the largest folk festivals in Croatia. Tourists come from different countries to take part in the music programs and get a taste of regional dishes. Streets of the town are then flooded with colorful procession and the local hippodrome hosts horse competitions, during which you can admire the beauty and strength of Lipizzaner horses.

It’s worth coming here also in the fall. In October you can attend a traditional craft fairs Dakovo Expo "golden hands". During these meetings, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the traditions and culture of the region through a series of lectures, presentations and workshops. These fairs have a sale, educational and exhibitional character.

During the Christmas season at the State Ergeli Đakovo takes place a musical and stage show - Lipizzaner ball. Due to the great interest the tickets are sold out every year well in advance. Each edition of this baroque show has a different plot, and all the parts are devoted to the history of Lipizzaner people.

An oasis of peace and tranquility

Tourists visiting the city also focus on the exceptional beauty of the area. A short distance from Dakovo there’re many large and small lakes, perfect for strolls, fishing and lazy holiday by the water. To the west of the city there’s Lake Borovik, which is one of the most attractive places in Croatia for carp fishing. The area around the lake is ideal for camping, and surrounding trail is a popular recreational pace with a length of more than 8 km.

Approx. 2 km north-east of the city extends artificial lake Jošava. It’s 4.5 km long and has an average width of 200 meters. It’s an artificial reservoir that evolved in the 60s with primary purpose of breeding fish.

In Dakovo there’re 4 lakes called Bajer. Their depth reaches approx. 5 meters, and the area - 4 ha. These lakes make the city even more charming, but its fame is due to something else. Visits to this unique corner of Croatia will linger in the memory of every tourist, because Dakovo is simply magical.



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