Holidays in Italian Caorle

Caorle will meet the expectations of those, who want to spend their holidays on the Italian coast and have access to all amenities and attractions, but without excessive commercialism, which can be encountered in Venice. Many consider it to be one of the most picturesque towns on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Of all the resorts in Veneto, charming Caorle boasts of the widest beach belts. Many of them are paid, but it’s worth to spend some euros to be able to rest there. Are well-developed - we will find numerous free showers, changing rooms and lots of bars where you can relax. More thrifty tourists can also visit one of free beaches, which are equally stunning.

Beaches of the town are divided into two parts: Spiaggia di Levante and Spiaggia di Ponente. They’re wide and very clean, which is confirmed not only by the opinions of many tourists, but also by the Blue Flag status. Along the beaches runs a seaside promenade, stretching up between long rows of sunbeds and hotels. On a small hill between the beaches is the church of the Virgin Mary with Child.

Colorful houses of the old town

Caorle greatest pride, however, are not the beaches, but beautifully renovated old town. The historical center has wide promenades, charming, colorful houses and a maze of narrow streets, it is a pleasure to get lost. On the ground floor of townhouses are numerous cafes, shops and bars, and at the top - holiday apartments for rent.

All the streets of the old town are closed to traffic. As a result, visitors can leisurely stroll and admire the beauty of the buildings. After sightseeing you can stop in one of many wineries, where you can sip one of the local wines for a few euros.

In the immediate vicinity of the old part of town there’s a haven with fishing boats and yachts. Tourists, who get up very early have the opportunity to see fishermen at work, who prepare to sail out to sea at dawn. Observers may see their life cycle in one day - in the afternoon they return from the sea, sell their fish and then clean up their boats and prepare the nets for another busy day.

Campsites in Caorle

The resort is known for its highly developed tourist accommodation. Wealthier tourists choose exclusive hotels with swimming pools and restaurants with exquisite menus. Those, who prefer self-catering option, often choose to stay in apartments in the center of Caorle. Their owners offer not only an accommodation at lower prices – often also offering the car park in on the premises.

Another option is a campsite – and there’s plenty of them in the region. Tourists, who are looking for such option, can choose Centro Vacanze Pra 'delle Torri, the campsite which is open during the period from 23.04 to 27.09. It’s huge - and covers an area of 120 hectares, offering guests a lot of greenery and a whole lot of entertainment. It’ll especially appeal to families with children. Kids will love the diversity of aquapark attractions, as well as games and activities in the water.

Caorle’s big advantage is the excellent location – it’s easy to reach other popular resorts of the region. In the center you can use the services of several electric trains. Some of them take tourists to fishing huts on the edge of the lagoon, the other go to the old part of the city. From the nearby train station you can catch a regular train to Venice. The city of bridges and canals can be also reached by bus or boat, which depart from the marina in the historic part of Caorle. They go to Venice, along the coast and to the lagoon. Motorized tourists, who still need more sensations, can go to Duna Verde Duna Rossa, which is located in the close vicinity. Later, they also can explore Bibbione, Grado and Lido di Jesolo.



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