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A problem that is increasingly underestimated by both drivers and car mechanics is, considered to be theoretically insignificant, the correction of minor faults resulting from a collision or simple negligence of the vehicle owner. It seems that even minor defects in the paintwork require renovation or replacement of even entire car parts.

Meanwhile, SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technologies) repairs offered by the best car services allow not only to avoid unnecessary stretching of the repair to the entire element and expose the remaining, undamaged car structure, but also save a lot. The entire operation takes place only on a specific, damaged area, thanks to which a potential replacement of the discussed element can also be avoided. The time spent on the correction of this type of fault is also relatively shorter than traditional repair. In the case of the SMART service, it often involves, among others. with no need to disassemble other elements. By limiting the entire operation to a specific, damaged area, much less time and work are spent on it. It also allows you to avoid the need to paint the whole thing, which means much less material consumption.

SMART repairs are used in many functions and components of vehicles. Precision tools, designed by specialists especially for this type of operation, are used for this. Standard problems solved with the SMART method include all kinds of defects on the surface of the car's body; the most common are minor or more intricate dents. Paint corrections are also often performed to correct or completely remove visual defects inside and outside the car, such as scratches and bumps. Non-invasive, specific repair of many plastic parts is also possible.
Services enabling the use of SMART technology, are available in selected showrooms and service points, and relate primarily to the aesthetic aspect of car renovation. Upholstery renewal, depending on the material, allows you to quickly improve the appearance of the leather upholstery or the reconstruction of plastics. Correction of dents, restoration of the proper texture on individual parts of the car, or repair after hail and other unexpected repercussions do not pose a problem.

The best companies also offer traditional SMART repair services, such as a general restoration of the car's appearance and functionality. Painting plastic parts, restoring functionality to buttons, repairing windshields; including regaining the fluidity of their mechanism, they are especially useful in the case of older models. Polishing the headlamps allows you to regain their former flash, which is also an important element of the proper functioning of the vehicle and allows you to maintain safety. A useful SMART service is also the possibility of complete renovation of the rims.

SMART repairs eliminate all imperfections, cracks and dysfunctions of cars, improve their market and aesthetic value. SMART is one of the first options that are used when putting up a used car for sale. Thanks to the use of appropriate tools and materials, and using the services of a qualified mechanic, damaged elements can be restored to their former functionality and appearance at a low cost.

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