Camping in the rain

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The aura - like every woman - can be capricious. It is not always good for tourists and can cover the sky with clouds at the most unexpected moment. When it's gray, cloudy and rainy outside, and you know that the tour will have to be postponed, you can spend your time staying at the campsite differently.

Rainy boredom

When it rains, you don't want anything. Tourists who come in a motorhome can sit at the table with a cup of hot coffee and read a book. On the other hand, there are many people who want to use their time as best as possible during their stay at the campsite, i.e. actively, even if there are streams of rain falling from the sky. And a lot depends on the campsite itself which you chose. On the large ones, we usually find many more attractions than just a restaurant, shop or lounge. Nothing prevents you from turning an unfavorable aura into a reason to spend your day in a pleasant way.

If, on the other hand, our campsite is tiny and intimate, because it was supposed to serve mainly as a place to stay and leave our belongings, you will need to use all the creativity we have. The ideal option is to protect yourself from rainy boredom while packing your belongings for the trip - then the greyishness seen through the camper's window (or the tent exit) is not a threat to anyone. You can take various types of board games, a deck of cards, scrabble or chess from the backpack. Who likes what. Book lovers will probably take at least one with them anyway, thanks to which their time will pass pleasantly and quickly. On the other hand, those who, even after leaving the computer, feel the need to be constantly online have a great opportunity to see what their friends who are not on vacation are doing.

Under the tent in the pouring rain

What about the tourists who put up a tent at the campsite and were greeted by rain when they woke up? They can take their time in exactly the same way as motorhome owners, except that they also have to take care of a few technical details. If the tent they buy is of good quality, it will not get wet, so they do not have to worry about flooding - otherwise they have to pack the most important things in, for example, plastic bags.

If the unfavorable weather persists throughout the day, it is best to drink hot tea before going to bed. If possible, before sewing into the sleeping bag, you should put on a hat - it will protect us from excessive cooling down. A good way to warm up the body is also the method used by our grandmothers. Maybe not everyone brings a hot water bottle with them, but an ordinary bottle (even a plastic one) with hot water will effectively warm the sleeping bag and let us fall asleep peacefully. Finally, one more piece of advice. Maybe it's romantic, but sleeping together in one sleeping bag doesn't help keep you warm - in the morning both people are just as cold.

The next day, when the sun comes out, you can catch up on sightseeing. With proper preparation and organization, no one will have the feeling that they lost something due to rain the previous day.


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