Car repair shop from a female point of view

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Everyone knows the fact that mechanics take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of women. It is the fair sex that is most often used by car repair shops, which raise the prices of services or simply inform about imaginary, additional elements that need to be replaced.

For every woman, visiting a mechanic is associated with enormous stress. Despite the fact that more and more often ladies decide to personally go to replace the wheels or make a small purchase in the form of car wipers or light bulbs, they still do not have enough courage to go to a specialist with a more serious car breakdown. This may be due to the mass of scams committed by unprofessional mechanics, as well as the approach to the client. There are still cases when ladies are treated with a slight grain of salt or even a rude smirk under their breaths. The lady says one thing and the mechanics hers, which may make customers feel discriminated against. A good specialist is one who will not only repair the car, but will also be able to understand every person who has a problem with the car.

There are several patented ways to avoid sneaking around. A mechanic, as with any potential service provider, must be specific and to the point, so that he can see that he is not dealing with just anyone, but with a real, specific CUSTOMER!

  • Consultation - The first thing a woman should do when she is uncomfortable before visiting an auto repair shop is to speak to a trusted person who has an understanding of the car. The main reason is that it will help us get acquainted with the professional terms that some ladies may seem foreign to. Thanks to this, we will avoid blunder by informing the mechanic that "something is knocking". However, this is not the only advantage of talking to a friend who is interested in cars, or a boy who knows his stuff, because in addition, it may turn out that our friend will guess the cause of our failure, so we will not be fooled into additional damage to the vehicle.

  • Valuable advice on choosing a workshop - Family or friends have certainly already dealt with various professionals and can advise which professional they have trusted and which we are definitely not going to choose. Thanks to that, we will choose a company worth recommending, and we will not end up in the hands of a lackluster who had a whim to set up a business.

  • Hand in hand with a guy - it doesn't have to be a husband, boyfriend or fiancé. We might as well go to the workshop with a colleague or father. The mere fact of a man's presence can be a good deterrent for fraudsters who take advantage of women's ignorance to increase the cost of repairing a car.

  • With a magnifying glass in the workshop - maybe not with a magnifying glass, but with a watchful eye for sure. It is worth asking the mechanic who is going to take care of our car to have a look at its work for a while. A person who has nothing to hide will certainly agree, while a dishonest mechanic may have doubts about it.

  • Specifically and to the point - we are talking about an important element here, which is the planned date of completion of work on the car. A month of waiting is an unreasonable waiting time for a vehicle from a mechanic. Immediately after hearing such a distant date, it is worth considering visiting another car repair shop. The exact date, and in addition a rational one, should prevent the car from being overloaded and repairs being left off the sidelines.

  • Cleaned wallet - to avoid the effect of an empty wallet, it is worth asking about the definition of repair costs. Despite the fact that the mechanic is often not able to immediately determine the cost estimate, he should offer a telephone contact, thanks to which he will inform us about the planned repair costs.

  • The bill is valid ! - Thanks to the exact receipt, we will be able to assess whether we have not been deceived. Part prices, service fee or oil costs are elements that can be verified and possibly consulted with the workshop.

  • Check if everything is ok! - of course, it is not about the condition under the hood, but about dirt on the upholstery or scratches on the car. Demand then to cover the costs of cleaning dirty elements or demand replacement of the damaged element.

  • Test drive with a mechanic - you handed over the car to eliminate the fault that still appears while driving. Your mistake that you did not take the mechanic for a ride and did not check the condition of the car after the repair.

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