Dual mass wheel - wear and repair

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In modern cars equipped with a diesel engine, one of the most important parts influencing the quality of the engine operation and the comfort of its use is the dual-mass flywheel. It developed in response to the intense increase in interest in diesel engines in passenger cars, the manufacturers of which wanted to convince customers that such an engine is as comfortable and convenient to use as a gasoline engine, and at the same time has a much lower appetite for fuel.

How is a dual mass flywheel built and what function does it perform in a car

The dual-mass flywheel is made of two flywheels connected with each other by a torsional vibration damper. One of these wheels is attached to the car's engine, the other to the gearbox, while the damper connecting them is designed to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the engine to the gearbox. Both wheels are connected to each other by the spring elements of the vibration damper, preventing the transmission of vibrations from the engine to the gearbox. The dual-mass wheel is used not only to ensure smooth engine operation by maintaining its rotational speed during subsequent strokes, but also protects the gearbox and body from engine vibrations. In addition, it allows for smooth transmission of torque from more and more powerful engines to the drive system, which directly affects the comfort of driving. Unfortunately, this part is prone to wear and tear during the use of the car, especially when the vehicle is forced to start and brake frequently. The life of this part is especially not served by the driver's "heavy leg" and dynamic starting or acceleration.

Symptoms of wear of the dual mass flywheel

Initial symptoms of dual mass failure are louder-than-usual engine operation and vibrations in the gearbox. Then there is knocking and other noises from the engine as it starts or stops. In addition, uneven engine operation or vibration is felt, which may be transmitted to the body of the vehicle. If these symptoms are observed, repair this part, as damage to the mass flywheel can damage the clutch or, worse, even damage the gearbox.


Replacing a dual mass flywheel is a significant expense, depending on the type of drive unit and the manufacturer, especially since it is not a part that can be repaired. The cost of the original double mass is up to several thousand zlotys. However, when deciding to replace it, it is better to invest in components from reputable manufacturers, because the quality of the dual mass flywheel depends on the length of its use, as well as the service life of the gearbox. Better-quality parts also mean fewer visits to mechanical plants. For many car models, especially those longer available on the market, you can buy replacements for dual mass wheels, but they are only slightly cheaper than the originals. However, getting replacements for new car models can be much more difficult. Some customers may choose to buy a much cheaper used dual mass wheel, but this is the most risky option as you cannot be sure about the actual condition of the part.

Or maybe regeneration?

An alternative to replacing the dual mass flywheel can be its regeneration. This service is offered by mechanical plants specializing exclusively in the regeneration of dual mass wheels and their clutches. Only original dual masses or high-quality replacements can be regenerated. During the service, damaged elements inside the wheel are replaced. It is worth noting that the service center uses high-quality parts for these repairs, because only such parts can be ensured by the long use of the wheel. All abrasive surfaces of the mass flywheel are also ground. Finally, the wheel is balanced to ensure proper, stable operation. Often you can buy a wheel after regeneration, and some services even give a one-year or two-year warranty for this part.

Labour cost

Labor in the case of replacing a dual-mass wheel is an expense from about a few hundred to even a thousand zlotys, depending on the car model and the amount of work. You can also try to replace this part yourself, but sometimes the procedure requires removing the engine from the car. In addition, users with experience in vehicle mechanics should decide on their own replacement, others will do better by giving the car to a specialist garage.

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