Gas or coal grill - which one to choose?

Gas or coal grill - which one to choose? – main image

Gas, coal or maybe electric? What grill to buy, how much to spend on it and what to expect? Making the right decision is not so easy - the purchase should be carefully thought out.

What to consider when buying a grill? The price, type of fuel, speed of grilling or maybe the aroma and taste of the dishes obtained on it? Contrary to appearances, these are not such easy questions as experienced grilling enthusiasts may think.

Grilling - often or on holidays?

Which grill we choose depends on several factors. If the price is one of the most important for us, the question is whether we plan to grill often or occasionally. At first glance, charcoal grills are cheaper than gas grills , but after reasonable bills it may turn out otherwise. The first option (frequent and intensive grilling) with a charcoal grill will quickly cease to be so profitable, because coal is a more expensive fuel than gas and we will use more of it, and therefore we will spend more. In this case, it will be more advantageous to buy a gas grill, which will prove to be more economical in the long run. If, on the other hand, we intend to grill "on holiday", the coal version will suffice.

The way in which we are going to prepare the dishes and how we will use the equipment is also important. If grilling is a ritual for us that we enjoy and we can spend a lot of time looking after the meal, a charcoal grill will be a good choice. It is grilled slowly and evenly, unlike a gas grill, where the food is heated to high temperatures almost immediately.

Convenience or traditionalism?

Here, by the way, another issue can be raised - convenience. Turning on the gas grill is a matter of seconds, while lighting the charcoal grill can take a long time, especially for untrained people. We need a special kindling or a flammable liquid for this, and the gas grill only requires turning the knob.

There is still the most important thing for many people, i.e. the taste and smell of grilled dishes . Supporters of the charcoal grill believe that only on it you can prepare really tasty, wonderfully aromatic dishes, and the gas version is no match for it. Food saturated with smoke wins against those cooked on a gas grill, even if you use wooden shavings or a smoker. Smell and taste is an extremely important issue, but rather individual and everyone can choose what suits them better.

A suitable place for the grill

You can grill not only on the plot or in the garden, but it also influences the decision to buy the right model. A charcoal grill requires an open space, while a gas grill (especially a small one) will fit even on a balcony or terrace. Not to mention the electric grill, where you can prepare appetizing dishes even in the room.

As you can see, this type of purchase is not as easy as it might seem. On the other hand, everyone can choose the model that best suits their needs and expectations. And then it only remains to enjoy grilling.


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