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There are regions where the best way to travel is by car. And here there are two options: either we fly by plane and rent a car on site, or ... we choose a luxury motorhome. Then we have transport and our own 5-star hotel in any place we choose.

If we decide on this option for the first time or we do not have space for our own camping vehicle, the perfect solution will be to rent a camper van!

When to consider a motorhome rental

ASONE Campers rental of luxury motorhomes operates in Warsaw. It offers brand new, well-equipped campers that you can choose according to your individual needs. Why is renting a motorhome usually more profitable than buying?

First of all, when you buy a motorhome of an appropriate standard , with good equipment, meeting the current safety requirements, it is not cheap. The cost of such a vehicle is from PLN 300,000 upwards . Meanwhile, CamepryASONE offers cars from the renowned and proven German brand Dethleffs, without having to buy them.

Second, the purchase is not the only cost . As in the case of other vehicles, we should also remember about relatively expensive OC and AC policies. To this should be added the costs of inspections and repairs in a specialized (more expensive) workshop.

Third, hardly anyone has a garage or a secure camper park . So you usually have to rent a suitable place, which also entails additional costs.

And fourthly, we use the motorhome several times a year . When we count the cost of several such trips, it turns out that renting a car turns out to be more profitable than maintaining your own tourist vehicle.

Where to start?

To rent a motorhome at CamperyASONE rental, the driver must be at least 26 years old and have had a driving license of at least category B for 3 years. To sign the contract, you must show an identity document and a document authorizing you to drive the vehicle. All reservations are made by e-mail or during a direct meeting at the company's headquarters.

When signing the contract, we pay a non-returnable advance of 30% of the rental price. The remaining amount and the deposit in the amount of PLN 5,000 gross should be paid on the date of the planned car rental at the latest. The motorhome is handed over and returned in Warsaw at ul. Correct 127 or (for an additional fee) anywhere in Poland.

Rental rates depend on the period in which we plan to rent a car. The low season runs from November 1 to April 15. When we decide to travel on this date, we will pay PLN 400 gross per night. The minimum period for which we will rent a car in the low season is 5 days

The medium season runs from April 16 to June 15 and from September 1 to October 31. Then the fee is 500 PLN gross per day. The minimum rental period in the middle season is also 5 days

The high season is considered to be the long weekend in May and the period from June 16 to August 31. We will then pay PLN 650 per night, and we should rent the car for at least 7 days.

However, if we want to go on a longer vacation, longer than 14 days , then it is possible to individually negotiate the price .


The tenant is obliged to have the vehicle documents and a set of keys with him for the entire duration of the contract. The camper is fully fueled . The car has OC / AC insurance and extended assistance insurance, valid in the EU, and annual vignettes for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.

The vehicle may be driven only by the person indicated in the rental agreement (more than one person may be indicated). If we want to travel with a pet, we should ask the rental company for permission. During the rental period, the motorhomes are monitored using GPS systems to prevent theft. Before each rental, it is worth reading the regulations .

What to choose?

All campers in the CamperyASONE rental shop are wonderfully equipped and, very importantly, new! As such, the option of a sudden crash somewhere on the road is unlikely. Moreover, the cars are regularly checked and serviced.

Which motorhome to choose?

Here is an example. For a family or a group of friends, we recommend the Dethleffs Trend T 7057 DBM motorhome . It is a car that can travel and sleep up to 5 people . The motorhome is 7.41 m long and 3.35 m high.


The car is suitable for every season of the year . It has electric underfloor heating, gas heating and roof air conditioning. Heated mirrors are indispensable during the winter. Tires are selected depending on the season and have tire pressure sensors. Of course, the equipment also includes a full-size spare wheel and a repair kit.

The multimedia system is equipped not only with a radio, but also with a rear view camera , which is extremely important when switching from a "passenger car" to a much larger car.

Bright colors and many windows (equipped with blinds and mosquito nets) make the interior bright and spacious . An L -shaped sofa and an additional seat will make all passengers sit comfortably at the table. The table is also floating, so we will adapt it as needed. The kitchen worktop is also L-shaped. The kitchen is equipped with a 142-liter fridge, three-burner stove, sink and many drawers that can easily fit the necessary products. The kitchen is of course equipped with a set of melanin tableware.


The bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower. Bathroom accessories and large mirrors were thought of. The clean water tank with a boiler can hold 120 liters, and the dirty water tank - 90 liters.


Depending on the model , the bedroom has a double bed or single beds that can be joined. In addition, we also have an electrically lowered double bed, located in the front above the dining room, and a single fold-out bed under the double bed.

An additional luggage rack can accommodate 4 bicycles . In the large garage of the motorhome you will find a table and 4 chairs to put outside , so that during holidays in charming places, we will be able to eat meals outdoors under a folding awning. When we want to sunbathe, we have 2 deckchairs at our disposal. If the weather is bad, you can watch TV or turn on the DVD . The motorhome has an external DVBT antenna and a separate, adjustable TV holder with the possibility of watching TV also outside the vehicle. Campers are also equipped with amazing board games that will interest both children and adults.


This is just an example of one of the cars available at Campery ASONE . It is worth getting acquainted with the offer and choosing one of the brand new and well-equipped vehicles. The employees will certainly help to adjust the car that is optimal to our needs.

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