How to rent a motorhome in the USA?

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Nowadays, travel enthusiasts are no longer limited by the borders of countries or continents. If they want to get to know a country on the other side of the globe (eg the USA), they can simply start collecting money for the trip and planning the trip. If they want to explore the area on their own, they can easily rent a motorhome and set off on a self-planned route. Before that, however, they should know some helpful tips.

Motorhome rental in Cruise America - the most important information

  • You cannot pick up a motorhome in Cruise America or Cruise Canada on the same day you arrive in the USA or Canada. You must spend your first night in a hotel.
  • There are very few points open on Sundays. Ask us in advance if the point is open before buying air tickets.
  • The minimum rental period is 7 days.
  • Children must travel in child seats, but Cruise America does not have rental seats.
  • Motorhomes do not have any equipment. You have to buy them additionally in Cruise America or buy them yourself, e.g. in Walmart, which is much cheaper.
  • The earlier you book - the cheaper it is


How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in the USA?

The rental price consists of two components. You book and pay for your motorhome and miles with us. You will only pay a $ 500 deposit and $ 9.95 environmental tax on site.

  • Motorhome rental - the price per night can be $ 30 or even $ 540 per night. It all depends on the booking date, rental date and additional periodic discounts.
  • Price for the declared number of miles - you must declare in advance how many miles you will travel and purchase the appropriate package. For example, the 500 miles package costs $ 185, and the Unlimited Milage package costs about $ 1,000. If you drive more miles during the trip, you will be charged for the remaining miles by the meter when you return the motorhome.

What driving license in the USA?

This is probably the most common question we get. To drive Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes it is enough to have a Polish driving license. This also applies to the largest C30 motorhomes with a length of 9 m. You do not need to obtain an additional international driving license. This has been checked many times by our clients.

The only requirement is that the driver is at least 21 years old and has a valid driving license. Cruise America does not charge additional fees for drivers under 25 years of age. There are also no surcharges for additional drivers. Simply, all passengers who want to drive a motorhome must be present when picking up the motorhome and have a valid Polish driving license of category B.

Informative kit - renting a motorhome in the USA

When renting a motorhome at Cruise America and Cruise Canada, you can contact us in Polish. You can also call us. You can ask for all the details related to the rental, and the process itself is very easy and safe. We always advise our clients when and where to rent is the cheapest, as well as which solutions will be the best for them. We know the rental process from A to Z.

Together with Cruise America, we have also prepared a tourbook for you, in which there are 16 ready-made tours around the USA and Canada. You can download them for free from our shop:

We also publish these routes in the form of articles. They differ slightly from those in the e-book, because they also include rental prices. We constantly update them so that the prices are always valid. See article: USA by motorhome - the best routes

We also have other interesting articles that you'll learn even more from

We have prepared for you a list of the most frequently asked questions about renting a motorhome in the USA at Cruise America. In the article you will learn, among others how the motorhome rental price list works in the USA. What exactly is included in the price of a motorhome and what is not. How far in advance is it best to book your motorhome. You will learn more about motorhome insurance. Link to the article: RV Rental in Cruise America - Frequently Asked Questions

Types of motorhomes available from Cruise America



Are you wondering what the campers in the USA look like in the Cruise America rental company? How are they equipped? How much does it cost to rent additional equipment? What is hidden under the American motorhome markings in the USA? Do the campers look exactly like in the photos? In the article Types and equipment of motorhomes for rent in the USA and Canada, we answer all these questions

Cruise America and Cruise Canada points where you can pick up and return your motorhome

Cruise America and Cruise Canada is the largest campervan rental in North America. They have their points in over 100 locations accessible to Americans, 45 of which are international, i.e. accessible to Europeans. 37 locations are in the US and 8 in Canada. 8 new points that have recently been added are marked in green on the map. San Clemente (Orange County) seems to be a very interesting point. Why curious? Well, the most-chosen pick-up point for a motorhome is Los Angeles, it is also probably the largest point with over a hundred cars in its square, and despite all, this point often lacks motorhomes on the most popular dates. The point of San Clemente, just 66 miles from LAX airport, comes in handy. In addition to the greater availability of motorhomes, customers may also be interested in more attractive prices.

One-way booking in Cruise America

The motorhome can be picked up at one point and returned at the next. This is called one-way booking. These options are few, they are very popular and they disappear quickly. Therefore, we recommend booking one-way options well in advance - six months or even a year. This option is additionally payable and depends on the distance between the points. This one-time fee ranges from $ 250 to $ 700 (excluding the state tax).


Behind the wheel of an American motorhome

Thanks to a quick training at Cruise America rental company, you will get acquainted with the rented model and learn how to connect electricity, refill water or clean the toilet at campsites. Cruise America has its free app. There is also a motorhome manual and help with questions. You can also plan your trip there.

When booking a motorhome with us, you will also get the so-called "Renter Assistance Guide" in pdf format, which explains the operation of even the smallest element in the motorhome. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video-presentations of motorhomes on the channel in advance. If you get acquainted with these materials earlier, the pickup of the motorhome will be faster.

Are Cruise America motorhomes insured?

Each motorhome is insured for the amount of USD 1 million. Your contribution to each claim is $ 2,000. You can cancel this deductible by taking out additional insurance for $ 14.95 a day (excluding state tax) and not to worry about any damages.

Caravanning - exploring the world, not a race

Avid enthusiasts of motorhome trips will enjoy the journey and the sense of independence. However, there are also people for whom caravanning involves covering the distance between successive points and strictly following the plan. In such a rush, you can lose the essence of travel, because most of the attractions are passed along the way and there is no time to explore them. It is best to look at this plan realistically and treat it as "more or less", and not as a strict indicator of the number of kilometers traveled. You have to take into account factors such as crowds in the streets or stops at gas stations.

From 2020, we are the official partner of Cruise America and Cruise Canada in Poland. If you already have your idea for spending holidays in the USA and you want us to evaluate your individual trip - write to us at: [email protected] Please note that we guarantee lower prices than when booking directly with Cruise America. Soon you will be able to check these prices yourself on our website:

What do we need to calculate your campervan rental in the USA?

We need basic data:

  • how many people will travel
  • where do you want to pick up your camper van
  • where do you want to return your motorhome
  • how many days do you plan to spend in the motorhome
  • departure and arrival dates
  • If you do not know the dates of flights yet, you can inform us that you are looking for interesting offers for renting a motorhome, e.g. in May 2023, and we will check the most favorable rental conditions this month.


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We are the only official representative of Cruise America and Cruise Canada in Poland. From 2020, you can easily and safely book a motorhome in the USA or Canada. We know when and where it is best to rent a motorhome. We will answer all your questions and doubts by e-mail or telephone.

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