USA in a camper van - a summary of the 11 best routes

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Traveling in a camper across the USA warms the hearts of many caravanning fans. Start planning your dream vacation. With us, booking a camper is easy and safe.

Over the course of several months, we have published ready-made camper routes around the USA and Canada . Now we have collected them into a list of the best routes. By clicking on the photo, you will be taken to an article that describes this route in detail.

1. Attractions of the West


Southern California beaches, iconic national parks like Yosemite, Grand Canyon , Zion and Bryce, and 3 big cities - Los Angeles , San Francisco and Las Vegas. If you have time and don't know the West yet, you will discover its unique atmosphere on this route!

2. Classic Ontario road trip


From neon lights to the silence of nature: discover the diverse faces of Ontario. Before you are vibrant cities, breathtaking views, and iconic places such as Niagara Falls .

3. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in an RV


Some of the most beautiful landscapes in America await you in rural New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This route passes through cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, Niagara Falls , and New York City . There are some interesting surprises along the way. You can start this trip in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Newark or even Toronto, where renting a camper can be several times cheaper than in the USA.

4. Northern California in an RV


Discover the best of California's natural beauty: this 14-day journey is your chance to discover the hidden treasures of the northern part of the state. A picturesque route through the Californian wilderness leads through beautiful redwoods, the impressive Yosemite Park and the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe . At the same time, you can taste world-famous wines in Sonoma County and visit Sacramento, where the gold rush began.

5. Southern California in a camper


Rent a camper in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego - a city located just a few minutes from Tijuana on the border with Mexico. California is a dream come true for many people. There is literally everything here: beaches, forests, national parks. Everyone will find something for themselves here, so we invite you on a camper tour!

6. Three states - California, Nevada, Arizona


California, Nevada, Arizona - during this trip you will see man-made masterpieces and natural wonders. This is America! The distance to be covered is not long - less than 1,500 miles. You will certainly want to stay longer in some places. You can start your trip in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Phoenix. You can also visit all the cities along the route. There are many possibilities.

7. Western Canada – the best places


Western Canada is a wonderful place to breathe deeply in nature. During this RV trip you can admire wildlife and find yourself in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. There is a lot to see and plenty of attractions: we suggest visiting Vancouver, nature reserves and relaxing in hot springs! There will also be an opportunity to admire snow-covered mountain peaks and crystal-clear, turquoise lakes. There is something for everyone on this route, regardless of age and experience.

8. Iconic places and national parks in the western USA


America is a vast expanse, but what could be better than exploring the quiet, wide roads of the Wild West aboard a camper? Explore wonderful national parks, natural monuments and monuments as you follow in the footsteps of characters such as Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill. This is the REAL America.

9. Route 66 and Highway 1


We invite you for an exciting journey along the legendary Route 66 , also known as the Mother Road! Route 66 was the main route west. Millions of Americans have traveled this trail, visiting small towns and learning about different cultures along the way. People who did business along the route made fortunes thanks to the trail's popularity, and it soon became one of the most famous roads in America! During this trip, you will also get to know another famous road - Highway 1, and at the same time you will be able to admire the beautiful landscape of the Californian coast.

10. Quebec classic – Canada in a camper


Rent a camper in Canada and take a unique route from Montreal to Quebec and on to the national parks of this region. During this journey through Quebec, you will see unique corners of Montreal and Quebec, hundreds of years of history tinged with Gallic charm, and with a bit of luck, you will also catch one of the many festivals that take place here at any time of the year. Here are interesting places, beautiful landscapes, wild nature and lots of unforgettable experiences. Each of the proposed regions offers a different experience and is certainly worth remembering.

11. Five National Parks in Utah and more


On this route we discover five beautiful, iconic national parks in Utah - Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion. In each of them you can admire surreal landscapes and experience an unforgettable adventure. However, this unique journey is not limited to one state. By the way, we will reach the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, visit the huge, impressive Lake Powell, see the monoliths in the Monument Valley and the settlement in the rocks of Mesa Verde. Along the way, there are not only hiking trips, but also rafting, biking, boat trips, picnics, walks, mule riding, stargazing and discovering what is not obvious.

12. Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

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This is a short trip for those who don't have much time but would like to see the Grand Canyon during a trip to Las Vegas - not from a bird's eye view, but up close! You can, of course, extend your trip and stay here longer to visit other national parks, such as Zion or Bryce.

13. Start with Disney

USA in a camper van - a summary of the 11 best routes – image 13

From Orlando to Florida Mr. Handle and back. This time the route does not lead from north to south of Florida, but west. This is an opportunity to visit slightly less populated beaches and admire the beauty of Florida that not everyone knows. This route goes right to the Alabama state line. At the same time, you can visit the capital, Tallahassee, and finally reach the Walt Disney World.

14. Texas and Louisiana

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This time we invite you to an adventure in which history is combined with a pinch of mystery, and the whole thing is complemented by a huge dose of local hospitality and unique food. After all, Louisiana is famous for good fun and even better music! The next point on the agenda is Texas - the Lone Star State. Apparently it's a state unlike any other, so it's worth taking the opportunity to visit local towns, walk on vast beaches where the wind dances, try fresh seafood and relax under the warm Texas sky. Can you imagine a better rest?

15. Death Valley and Lake Havasu

USA in a camper van - a summary of the 11 best routes – image 15

We propose this small loop as an addition to the main route, e.g. to 5 National Parks in Utah . It starts and ends in Las Vegas, but can also be chosen from an RV rental in Los Angeles or any other Cruise America rental on the West Coast. Death Valley is the lowest-lying area in North America and one of the national parks worth seeing.

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