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The top of luxury presented by the Morelo brand was definitely the biggest hit of this year's edition of the Caravanning Salon. At the 2N-Everpol stand, you could see two tourist vehicles of this brand.

Recently, Polish customers can also order vehicles of the German Morelo brand, famous primarily for the production of integrated premium motorhomes. High quality and large sizes go hand in hand with exorbitant prices, so for now models such as Palace or Empire Liner are primarily a curiosity. They show how luxurious conditions we can travel if we have an amount of not less than ... a million zlotys.

The pinnacle of luxury

Morelo Empire Liner is a vehicle that reaches the top shelf even in the segment of luxury motorhomes. A demonstration copy was brought to Poland, which is a showcase of the brand. The vehicle, which looks like a huge bus, was built on the basis of a 12-tonne Mercedes Atego . Its load capacity alone is 6 tons.

Inside the shown specimen, the combination of light leather and dark wood makes an impression. The bathroom has, among others, a mineral wash basin and a stone illuminated panel above it. A large number of chrome elements, subtle ceiling lighting, decorative light panels - these are the little things that complement the impression of luxury. It is also worth mentioning the large bed and the large roof window through which we can admire the stars. You can feel the softness of the carpet underneath your feet.


But Empire Liner also includes elements that cannot be seen with the naked eye - incl. 450 liters of clean water tanks , 300 liters of gray water and 300 liters of faeces. Instead of gas cylinders, a 120-liter gas tank was installed. The equipment also includes a 360 Ah battery with a 150A / 3000W voltage converter. The temperature in this motorhome can be set separately for each of the three rooms.

Palace on wheels

The second motorhome shown - Morelo Palace 90 G - is currently on sale. Exactly this copy costs PLN 1,292,000. This motorhome is based on Iveco Daily with a 3-liter diesel engine with 205 HP. Its gross vehicle weight is 7.5 tonnes and its payload is 1,690 kg. Length - 944 cm.

In the "palace" we can find, among others large, glass shower cubicle, wooden doors that allow you to divide the space into two rooms with a bathroom between them, a large bed at the back (electrically adjustable), a lowered bed in the front, a ceramic toilet.


Among the smaller elements of the equipment we can find, among others coffee machine , wooden covers of the sink (they can be used as cutting boards) or a ladder radiator in the bathroom. An illuminated bar or an electrically retractable TV set are actually a standard in this class. In addition, of course, we will find a lot of wood, chrome and glass.

As for interesting facts, let's mention the drawers in the stairs and the garage for Smart (unfortunately, placed on the McLaren exhibition, it will not fit inside). We were impressed by the removable steering wheel - it can be removed so that it does not interfere during a longer stop, and besides, this solution is an effective anti-theft protection.


This vehicle, despite its large dimensions, has been designed for up to five people, who will certainly be guaranteed a comfortable journey. The more so that the Iveco chassis was prepared by a specialist truck tuning company before the assembly work began. Let us add that in order to obtain an even floor inside, the entire cockpit was placed on a special platform.

Who's Willing?

In the Czech Republic, seven Morelo motorhomes were sold last year. We hope that the Polish importer will achieve at least the same result, although the brand representative asked by us considers it a very optimistic scenario. So are Polish customers ready for Morelo? We will be able to find out about it next year, during the next Motor Show.

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