Tiffin Zephyr - the pinnacle of luxury

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Tiffin is a brand of American motorhome buses. The Zephyr model is at the top of its offer. The 2015 version is now ready. What can we expect?

None of the Tiffin buses can be described as a "budget" model. Each of the vehicles is large and luxurious. But what is luxurious can also be graded. And at the very top of the Tiffin offer is Zephyr.

From the outside, the Zephyr looks like many other vehicles of this type. It is 13 meters long , 3.66 meters high, and 2.56 meters wide. There are also retractable walls - two on each side - also typical for such buses. The vehicle is powered by an 11.9-liter Cummins 500 HP engine .

Palace splendor

Let's go inside. If we focus on the driver's workplace , it looks tasteful, and against the background of the entire bus, it is modest, although everything is in its place here. But who would look at the driver's cockpit when there are such views to be admired ?!

The interior resembles the rooms of some historic royal mansion rather than a motorhome. Just look at the quilted upholstery elements , modeled on the old ones - lamps, carved columns on the corners of the walls , embossing cabinets, stylized chairs, stone window sills, tables and countertops , or a mosaic in the kitchen. The stone can also be found in the bathroom with two sinks and a large shower, and the floor of the entire motorhome is covered with porcelain tiles .

However, completely contemporary accents clash with this "antiquity". You can forgive the manufacturer LED ceiling lighting or ultra-modern TV sets, because glassware and without large frames will fit well into any interior. But electronic panels for controlling on-board devices, a huge refrigerator with double aluminum doors , a large microwave oven or an induction hob are elements that do not match the design of this vehicle at all. Let's face it - this is not an 18th century mansion, but a completely modern motorhome.

The power of modernity

Not everything that makes the Zephyr present can be seen with the naked eye. For example, on the fiberglass roof there are two solar cells with a power of 125 Watt each . The fact that the vehicle uses powerful batteries and power generators is obvious. The tanks are also spacious - the fresh water one can hold up to 340 liters! The waste water container has a capacity of 189 liters, and the gray water container - 265 liters. These sizes are unheard of in European motorhomes.

As for the equipment, the manufacturer took care of everything needed for a comfortable trip. So we can count on retractable televisions or a spatial sound system , thanks to which in the motorhome we will feel like in a cinema, theater or concert hall. There is nothing to mention about the DVD Blu-Ray system - of course there is.

Among the more mundane devices, the Zephyr features a washing machine, a dryer , and a dishwasher for an extra charge. The bus was even equipped with a central vacuum cleaner .

The hydraulic heating system is powered by diesel fuel. The top model of the Tiffin brand is also equipped with an electronic leveling system , useful when the vehicle is parked on uneven ground.

The manufacturer gives its vehicles a 10-year warranty for the vehicle structure (welded elements) and a 5-year warranty that the glass fiber walls will not delaminate. The mechanical warranty covers 1 year or 12 thousand. miles (about 20,000 km).

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