How to behave on the ferry

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Traveling by ferry is not only a pleasure to enjoy the views from a perspective other than land. It would seem that you only need to pay for the ticket. Check the rules on board in advance.

The main order regulations in force on the ferry include the one requiring the passenger to have a valid boarding card and to present an identity document on request of the ferry crew members.

does not guarantee boarding - the crew has the right to refuse boarding to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, to anyone who disturbs the peace and may pose a threat to other passengers or themselves. What's more, even if a person gets on the ferry, in the event of violation of the accepted norms of behavior, he may be detained by the crew members and placed under arrest until the end of the journey.

What can and cannot be taken on the ferry?

You can take your pet on board the ferry, provided that it will stay in a cabin suitable for transporting animals. The owner is fully responsible for his pet - for its behavior and for any damage it may cause.

Dangerous items, including weapons, may not be brought on board. It is also not allowed to use open fire (e.g. gas stove or candles). All dangerous goods must be reported when checking in at the terminal - they can only be brought in the car and must remain in the car for the entire journey.

Order regulations

When traveling by ferry, passengers are required to follow the captain's instructions . They must also comply with the regulations and safety regulations, visible on board in the form of special markings.

When it comes to eating , we can only eat what we buy in the bars and restaurants onboard. The exceptions are food products for people who have to follow a special diet and food for babies.

During the cruise, passengers may stay only in rooms intended for them. This means that they cannot, for example, use their free time to organize things in their vehicle or repair it - being on the car deck during the journey is prohibited.

Hotel on the water

We know many rules of behavior on the ferry from the hotel regulations. In the cabin compartments, as in the hotel rooms, there is a curfew . If someone dreams of a loud party that will disturb other passengers, their music equipment may be confiscated by the ferry crew. He won't get it back until he gets there.

It is forbidden to smoke in public spaces inside the ferry, in cabins and on car decks - smokers have special rooms at their disposal. The "balloon" can also be afforded on open decks.

Before the journey, each passenger should read the conditions of carriage available on the shipowner's website.


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