How to save on liability insurance - several proven ways

How to save on liability insurance - several proven ways – main image

Although the costs of civil liability in Poland are relatively low, e.g. compared to Western European countries, many people believe that they pay too much for their insurance. Fortunately, no one is doomed to high prices and we can actively reduce premiums. We suggest several ways to save on liability insurance.

Cheaper thanks to the co-owner

A good idea for people looking for savings is to get a co-owner of the car. Most often it is done by young drivers who, due to their inexperience, have one of the highest liability insurance premiums. They ask an older family member who has already earned full discounts to become a co-owner of their car, thanks to which the price of third party liability insurance is definitely lower. Married couples also benefit from car sharing. Some insurers offer the option of transferring discounts from one spouse to another, as long as they both remain in the community. Do you want to lower your liability insurance - share the car.

Choose your car wisely

The technical parameters of the car, its age and make also affect the amount of the premium. Insurance companies evaluate them in terms of the risk of damage and set the rates on this basis. You can read more about how to choose cars to have cheaper third party liability insurance in the article How to save on car insurance .

Where to park? Parking place and the price of third party liability insurance

Another factor that affects the amount of the third party liability premium is the place where the car is parked. If you keep your car on the street at night, you will pay more for the liability insurance than a person who will keep the same car in the garage, where there is less chance of a bump or scratch.

Liability prices and damages

Each loss liquidated from the driver's liability affects the change of his subsequent liability premium. In some insurance companies this means a total loss of discounts, in others they are treated a little more leniently. This is why in such a situation it is worth checking what prices other insurers have to offer. The second option is to purchase discount protection in advance - with such protection, even after an accident, we will not lose the generated rebates for experience.

Price comparisons are the key to savings

One of the easiest ways to save on the purchase of third party liability insurance is to use a third party liability comparison engine, e.g. It is a convenient tool thanks to which you can quickly see the offers of many different insurance companies and choose the best one - in terms of price or other criteria.

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