How to transport a bike by car?

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Are you planning a camping trip and want to take your bike with you? There are several methods of transporting bicycles by car, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. We will help you choose the best one.

You can transport a bicycle in a car on the roof, hitch, trailer or in the trunk. The method you choose depends on the size and number of bikes, amount of luggage, number of passengers and, of course, your car.


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Transporting bicycles on the roof

Bicycles on the roof can be transported on a special rack, which consists of two beams and bicycle holders. Installing the beams makes it easier to transport other things, you can use them for a roof box, etc. Bicycle racks have attachments for the bicycle frame (then you don't have to disassemble it) or attachments for the fork (you have to unscrew the front wheel). You can transport a maximum of about 6 bicycles on the roof at the same time (it depends on their weight).

The biggest advantage of this solution is that the driver has perfect visibility while driving - the equipment above does not cover the windows or block the view. The equipment is also protected against road dirt and other scratches and damage. Driving with a load on top is not comfortable: changing the aerodynamics of the car causes the car to accelerate slower, is more susceptible to the effects of wind and has a higher center of gravity. If you decide to install a bicycle rack on the roof, remember that you cannot park in underground parking lots and you must be careful of low overpasses and tree branches.

Transport of bicycles on a hook

To install the rack, you need a towbar at the rear of the car. This way you can transport a maximum of 3 bicycles. You can safely use multi-storey car parks and drive over low viaducts. The aerodynamics of the vehicle do not change either.

Note: Many drivers get tickets when using a roof rack. Well, before traveling, you need to make sure that you can see the rear lights and license plate. In the case of registration, you can apply for a third, additional plate. It takes several business days.

Transporting bicycles on a trailer

A special trailer can also be mounted on the towbar. As with hitch racks, make sure your license plate and taillights are visible. The largest and most expensive solutions enable safe transportation of even more than 20 bicycles.

The trailer can be covered with foil or a tarpaulin to protect the equipment from dirt and weather conditions. There's nothing obstructing the tailgate, so you have unrestricted access to the boot , which is a plus if you need to bring a tent and other camping essentials. Remember that Polish law requires every car trailer to be registered - with a time limit or fully.

Transporting bicycles in the trunk

You don't have to worry about the costs of hooks, racks and trailers if you don't have a lot of luggage and passengers - bikes can also be safely transported inside the car. However, the equipment must be well protected with covers, special safety belts or car stands to avoid damaging it or damaging the car's equipment.

Regardless of the type of bicycle rack, safety is paramount . Remember to always adjust your ride to the load. If you transport bicycles on the roof, avoid overpasses and underground parking lots. In the case of hitch racks and trailer racks, keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars on the road. Be careful when cornering and making manoeuvres. Be especially careful when braking.

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