Skiing by car - how to safely transport equipment?

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During the ski season, many lovers of this form of recreation decide to travel by car. Transporting equipment - especially skis or snowboards - inside the car is not the safest solution. An alternative are roof boxes and special ski holders on the roof of the vehicle.

Some skiers choose to transport skis and other equipment inside the car. This, however, may have serious consequences in the event of an accident. As shown by last year's crash tests, carried out by the German automobile club ADAC, in a situation of inadequate securing, skis and other equipment "fly" around the entire vehicle. The danger was much smaller when the ski equipment was well fastened.

Safer on the roof

An alternative solution to transporting skis inside the car are roof boxes and special holders, also mounted on the roof. In both cases, it is required to have a base carrier (cost at the level of several hundred zlotys), on which the box / handle is mounted.

Taurus ski carrier

According to Jacek Radosz, an expert of the Polish company Taurus - specializing in the production and distribution of, among others roof boxes and ski holders, the method of transporting skis or snowboards is best chosen taking into account the anticipated needs. The most important thing is how much space we need and how often we intend to go to the mountains.

Currently, there are many different models of boxes and handles on the Polish market. The differences between them come down to the quality of workmanship, comfort of use and capacity.

" The brackets mounted on the roof are a more economical solution. A good-quality handle can be purchased for as low as a hundred and a half dozen zlotys , although there are, of course, also exclusive models that cost over PLN 800. For comparison, the prices of roof boxes range from 600 to even 7,000 PLN - such trunks are, however, a more universal solution, because they can, of course, also transport other things, not just skis or snowboard ”- says Jacek Radosz.

The ski carriers generally allow the simultaneous transport of 3-6 pairs of downhill / carving skis or 2-4 snowboards. In the case of roof boxes, there is no such limitation in practice - it is enough to properly plan the arrangement of the equipment. The capacity of the box and its dimensions may be a barrier here.

According to Jacek Radosz, regardless of whether we decide to transport the equipment inside the car or on the roof using a box or a handle, it is necessary to remember about proper mounting.

“If the skis are transported inside, it makes sense to use lashing rings. If, however, you decide on a box / holder, simply follow the instructions. Importantly, when transporting skis mounted in the holder, the ski rest should be placed facing the direction of travel. In this way, we will reduce air resistance, and thus also fuel consumption, ”adds the expert.

ADAC crash tests

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