How to use a generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes? A practical guide

How to use a generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes? A practical guide – main image

Traveling around North America in a camper is the dream of many Polish tourists. Cruise America and Cruise Canada offer comfortable and fully equipped vehicles that allow you to explore the continent on your own terms. One of the key aspects of comfort during such a trip is access to electricity. In this article, we will focus on the power generator, which is an integral part of the campers rented by our partners.

Power generator – an essential travel companion

How to use a generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes? A practical guide – image 1

The power generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada campers is a functional solution that ensures comfort and independence during travel. Remember to use this option wisely to avoid additional costs and enjoy undisturbed relaxation. By choosing to book a camper at , you gain support when choosing additional options when booking a camper.

Does every camper have a generator?

Each camper offered by Cruise America has a permanently installed generator.

For Cruise Canada, the generator is only found on the C30.

Where does the generator get its fuel?

The generator uses the same fuel tank as the camper's engine. It is worth remembering that when the fuel level drops below 1/4 of the tank, the generator may not start.

When will I need a generator?

The generator is irreplaceable when camping in places without access to an external power source. Thanks to it, you can use air conditioning, a microwave and 120V sockets. This generator also charges the parking battery.

Air conditioner in Cruise America motorhomes

The parking battery powers the lighting, the heating fan and the water pump. When you sleep in the wild and use these elements to a large extent, it may happen that the parking battery is discharged. All you need to do is turn on the generator for about 20 minutes, which will charge the parking battery.

Cruise America camper battery

Costs of using the generator

There is an additional fee to use the generator and you can pay for its use in several ways

  • hourly - $3.50 (plus state tax) per hour worked (metered). This element is worth it when returning the camper.
  • per day - you can purchase unlimited access to the generator for $8 (plus state tax) per day. This option requires payment in advance for each day of rental. The fee is collected on site when picking up the camper
  • in the package - when you purchase the "Unlimited Mileage PLUS" miles package from us, in addition to an unlimited number of miles, personal packages for each passenger and kitchen equipment, you also get the Unlimited Generator package, i.e. unlimited use of the generator.

Good to know

In the US, all campers have a generator, while in Canada only the C30 model has one. The generator is quite noisy, so consider using it at night, especially in areas with other campers.

How to use the generator?

Before renting, it is necessary to watch the instructional videos prepared by Cruise America and read the Renters Assistance Guide, which answers all doubts and questions regarding the operation of the vehicle as well as possible solutions to faults.

Before starting the generator

Before starting the generator, make sure the oil level is correct and that you have enough fuel (minimum 1/4 tank).

Control panel in Cruise America motorhomes

Startup and shutdown

The generator is started by pressing the start/stop button located on the monitoring panel or in the kitchen. Before turning it off, turn off all 120-volt appliances.

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How to use a generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes? A practical guide – image 1
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How to use a generator in Cruise America and Cruise Canada motorhomes? A practical guide – image 4
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