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During a longer journey, it is not easy to take care of hygiene as if we would like it, even if you travel by your own means of transport - let alone during a several-hour train journey. It is also difficult when we have to hike with a backpack and we can only take with us what we can carry on our backs. How to deal with such situations so as not to be uncomfortable?

It is difficult to stay fresh during long hours of driving, when a person is in constant contact with the surface touched by countless people. Certainly, many of us have heard stories about how many germs are on the handles, backs and handrails of trams, not to mention money. This is by no means paranoid or being a "French doggie".

Everyone can see the horse as it is ...

You can write many scientific papers about public toilets , as well as about toilets at stations and on trains. It seems to be better than it was, but you can still come across situations where the lack of toilet paper in this temple is the least of the problems, and when you go there you pray for a runny nose.

During a long journey by train, the said paper will certainly run out, so it is better to anticipate it and pack your own roll or moist toilet paper packed in sachets into the suitcase. It is also worth considering bringing disposable toilet pads.

Fighting germs

New type public toilets are automatically disinfected and cleaned after each visit. In addition, more and more often you can find taps that do not need to be touched - just put your hands under them. However, there are also some that must be touched ... Disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant spray , as well as moist refreshing wipes can help. Ordinary, honest handkerchiefs will also be useful.

When we want to freshen up a bit more, we will need water in a bottle, disposable washing wipes (e.g. cotton) and intimate wipes. On one of the tourist forums you can find a useful tip on washing yourself while traveling - the user advises to use cloth diapers instead of a towel. After use, you can throw them away without regret, thus reducing your own luggage.

On the other hand, when planning a camping trip, you can take a foldable washing bowl and microfibre towels with you. They take up little space and dry quickly. It is also worth remembering about the packaging for the toothbrush (or at least for the toothbrush head).

The ABC of hygiene on the go

Wherever we go, plastic bags (bags) for various types of rubbish will certainly be useful to us. We should also remember not to step barefoot under the showers in shelters, swimming pools or sports halls at the destination of our trip. In other words, in places that are used by crowds of people.


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