In a motorhome like at home - how to take care of it?

In a motorhome like at home - how to take care of it? – main image

Recently, traveling by motorhome has become an increasingly popular way to spend a vacation. Full independence, the ability to freely choose the place and time of parking, as well as optimal comfort even for the whole family are the main elements that attract people to start their adventure with a motorhome. However, in order to fully enjoy the trip with a motorhome, it is necessary to take care of it properly - both during and after the season. What is worth remembering?

The most common faults in motorhomes

Unexpected breakdowns during a motorhome trip can effectively ruin the entire trip. In order to avoid them, it is worth knowing the most common faults of such vehicles in advance, taking appropriate steps to eliminate them.

  • Air conditioning problems - leakage, corrosion, broken valves and fungi can prevent comfortable and healthy use of the cooling system. In order to prevent a significant failure, it is necessary to remember to check the system regularly , replace worn parts, and clean and replenish the refrigerant every year.
  • Battery failure - extreme temperatures, high power consumption and frequent discharging to zero can cause the battery to completely refuse to cooperate at some point, significantly impeding the use of the vehicle. To minimize such a risk, you need to use the battery wisely, take care of its technical condition and, if possible, equip yourself with a spare.
  • Engine failure - low oil level and failure to regularly change the oil is a simple way to seize or break the timing belt and turbine failure. So that the journey is not suddenly interrupted, it is worth checking the level of this fluid regularly before each trip on a long trip.

How to secure a motorhome during winter journeys?

Is winter your favorite time to travel by motorhome? Even if we are leaving nearby, we should remember to properly secure the vehicle. Salt and road chemicals have a negative effect on the condition of the tinsmith - so remember to wash your motorhome regularly, as long as the outside temperature allows it. It is also worth considering auto detailing, i.e. covering the body with a special protective coating.

If you are going on tour in winter, check the condition of the gas installation and replace the butane with propane. In the colder season, gas is used not only for cooking, but also for heating the interior - hence the tightness and correct operation of this system is extremely important. Another important aspect is the securing of the waste water container. It is worth adding a preparation dedicated to use in winter, which will protect against freezing and make it easier to empty the tank. During the operational season, it is also advisable to regularly use the liquid for cleaning the water system. Such a measure will eliminate scale, bacteria, algae and fungi and improve the patency, thus extending the durability of all elements.

How to take care of a motorhome during a winter break?

If you do not plan to travel by motorhome in winter, it is worth preparing it for a longer stopover. First of all, it will be necessary to secure the water system in the vehicle. All the water must be drained and replaced with a preservative - this will prevent freezing and damage to the system. If a gas cylinder is installed in the motorhome, it is advisable to disconnect and take it out. Leave the cabinets, refrigerator and vents open inside the motorhome, and if possible, ventilate briefly on dry days.

Before the winter stop, careful care of the car body is necessary - washing it with specialized chemicals and waxing. Such action will protect the varnish from the negative influence of unfavorable weather conditions, extending its overall durability. You can also choose to use a protective cover that provides an effective physical protective barrier. During an extended stop, it is advisable to roll the vehicle a bit from time to time. As a result, the tires will change their position and will not deform as a consequence of staying in one position for a long time.

Current motorhome control - what should you remember?

When traveling with a motorhome, you should always remember about its current control. A regularly inspected and carefully maintained vehicle will be safe and comfortable in use. What elements should be systematically inspected? Before setting off on a tour, the condition of operating fluids must be verified and, if necessary, topped up - oil, brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid. It will be good to check the tightness of the plating and service hatches and to protect the seals from time to time with silicone spray. The high pressure gas hoses should also be replaced every 10 years from the date of production.

An important activity is also regular checking of the tires in the motorhome. If you are considering a trip to areas with heavy snow, you should decide to buy winter tires. In other situations, a camping M + S set will be sufficient. When replacing tires, remember that the type of tires is important and it is best if they are dedicated to motorhomes.

The high comfort and autonomy of traveling from year to year contribute to the growing number of supporters of traveling by motorhomes. However, in order to fully enjoy your vacation, you should remember about regular technical inspections and careful securing of the vehicle - both during the trip and a longer stop.

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