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Semi-integrated campers occupy an important place in our guide to choosing the right motorhome . They account for a large part of the sale of new cars in Poland. As it turns out, they can meet different needs, despite the very similar external appearance.

We decided to use the example of two cars of the French manufacturer Pilote to compare motorhomes of this brand, almost identical from the outside - one for couples and small families ( P690GJ for 2-4 people) and one for a typical family (6-seater model P696S ).

Although the cars look almost identical from the outside, inside there are two completely different systems for different purposes. Cabins in both vehicles are equipped with two comfortable airplane seats, while in the P690GJ they are equipped with turntables. Both cars have large garages in the rear with a capacity of 2,600 or 2,850 liters. The clean and gray water tanks hold 130 and 95 l respectively. The vehicles are equipped with gas heating TRUMA Combi . They take 2 gas cylinders on board in dedicated lockers easily accessible from the outside.

Pilote P690GJ - for couples and small families

This model, behind the cab with rotating aircraft seats, has a large table and a sofa with 2 seats equipped with seat belts. Optionally, you can order a living room with an L-shaped sofa . This means that up to 5 people will comfortably sit at the table. Seats in the living room can be converted into a 100x200 cm bed (optional) if necessary. We enter the motorhome through the wide door of the building, and to the left of the entrance we find a kitchen in front of the refrigerator opposite. In the kitchen, we have 2 burners and a sink, as well as lower drawers and upper cabinets. Further towards the rear of the vehicle on two different sides are a toilet with wash basin and a large shower. The bathroom space can be separated from the living room and kitchen by a door. There is a lot of sleeping space in the back of the vehicle. We find here single beds with the possibility of connecting them (their dimensions are 80x195 cm and 80x186 cm).


When choosing a vehicle for couples, many people choose models with a large, centrally located double bed . However, most users who have tested the system with full-width mattresses appreciate the much more space and space. According to the approval, the vehicle can travel up to 4 people.

Family - Pilote P696S

The P696S shows its family character from the very moment you enter it. The use of 6 fully functional seats for driving and sleeping translates into specific design solutions inside - the driver's and passenger's seats in the cab are not rotatable. Instead, on both sides of the vehicle, there are 2 separate tables for 2 and 4 people, respectively. The 4-person table at night turns into a bed with dimensions of 105x200. The lowered bed above the seats, on the other hand, measures 135x200 cm. To the left of the entrance you will find a kitchen equipped with a 2-burner stove, upper cabinets and lower drawers and a capacious refrigerator (160 l). Opposite, however, we have an integrated bathroom with a separate shower cubicle, sink and toilet.


This location of the shower cubicle is advantageous compared to many systems that we know from family alcove models, because after a shower we can use the rest of the bathroom without stepping on "wet". A dedicated 40x40 window integrated with the ceiling is responsible for additional ventilation. There is a wardrobe next to the bathroom, and at the back there is a bunk bed measuring 220x85 cm each. Its lower level can be raised and thus transporting larger items in the garage space.

Base car and DMC


The base vehicle in both cases is a Fiat Ducato with a capacity of 140 HP and a displacement of 2.3 l. The length of the vehicles is 699 cm, the bodies are 230 cm wide, and the height is the standard GVW, ie 3500 kg. However, it is possible to choose a version with a reinforced suspension and a permissible weight of 4250 kg.

Loading reserves acc. According to the manufacturer's data, they are identical in both models and amount to 675 kg. In the case of the P690GJ used by couples, this means quite a sensible buffer, while in the family P696S we can get closer to the limits and even exceed them quickly. Of course, the initial dry weight given by the manufacturer does not take into account the additional accessories chosen by many customers. Awning, roof air conditioning, bicycle rack and possibly a satellite dish - all these will have an impact on the final weight indications. When you add a full tank of fuel and clean water, all your reserves will melt in no time.

When choosing a motorhome from the semi-integrated car segment, it is worth trying the system that interests us. If you are interested in any of the proven models of this recognized brand described above, it is definitely CarGO! will be the best possible address.

CarGO! not only is it the official distributor of the PILOTE brand, but also provides an authorized service and rental of these vehicles.

Motorhome rental Poznań The author of the article The article was prepared in cooperation with CarGO! Rent a Camp
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