Little passenger in the car - take care of his safety

Little passenger in the car - take care of his safety – main image

Traveling with a child or children cannot be avoided. These are both short trips to school, grandma or the store, and long journeys, for example during holidays. Children tolerate driving differently than adults, and moreover, it is necessary to take greater care of their safety. Find out how you can ensure the comfort and safety of your child while driving.

Traveling with a baby is inevitable. Usually we take our toddler shopping, to his grandmother, for a weekend outside the city and for a longer vacation. A vacation far from home means a journey that lasts for hours, during which we must provide the little passenger not only with an attractive time, but also with safety.

Don't skimp on the safety of your own child

Sometimes making funny faces or singing songs is enough for the child to enjoy the journey. However, it is worth remembering that we must also provide him with a car seat appropriate to the weight and its proper fixing on the seat. Where to start? First of all, let's buy the right car seat. It is not worth playing in saving money here , if we have a car seat at home, which has already been used to transport two cousins, the neighbor's daughter and the uncle's child from the mother's side.


What to look for when choosing a car seat?

The seat must be adequate to the weight of the child. Each model belongs to a specific weight range and you can safely transport a child weighing, for example, 0-13 kilograms in it. If your toddler has grown a lot since last vacation, let's check if the seat still fits and if we don't have to buy a new one. It is not only about the regulations, but most of all about the safety of our child. When choosing a new model in the store, pay attention to how the product is rated and whether it has passed through independent crash tests.

If we go shopping and plan to buy a car seat, be sure to take the child with us and drive the car. You should not buy a seat "by eye". It must match the weight of the child, but also the shape of the rear seat in our car. It happens that the seat cannot be installed in a given car model, while in another it fits perfectly. If you want to avoid trouble on the day you go on vacation, it is worth checking the seat carefully before buying. If it is unstable or improperly installed, we risk the safety of our child.

The seat does not exempt from compliance with safety rules

Before going on a weekend or vacation trip, be sure to think about a few rules. First of all , the child should not be transported in the front seat if an airbag is present in this area. When opened, it can damage the toddler's body. The best option is to mount the seat on the middle rear seat, but this is not always possible and is usually mounted behind the passenger seat. While driving , let's watch the child who we gave small toys or something to eat. It can end up in a toddler's throat at any time, and it may choke, even when braking suddenly.

A family car is first and foremost a safe car

If we are at the stage of looking for a family car, which we will be able to safely transport our children, let us not only pay attention to large models . It may turn out that we can easily put the luggage and the foldable stroller in the trunk, and the car will move more comfortably and will have better results in crash tests. We should pay attention not only to the amount of space, but also to the safety of passengers and the driver. It is also worth taking a look at the additional advantages of the selected model, such as the rear door lock or electric windows that the child will not open while driving.

The article was prepared in cooperation with the Krakow branch of celauto

Little passenger in the car - take care of his safety – image 1

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