Relaxing at the campsite - we choose a hammock

Relaxing at the campsite - we choose a hammock – main image

The history of hammocks goes back to the times of Christopher Columbus, who discovered them during his stay in the Bahamas, and then brought them to Europe. The local inhabitants were used not only for recreational purposes, but also for transport or protection against snakes and spiders. Currently, it is a generally available product, without which some people cannot imagine their journey.

The most important thing is simplicity

The tourist hammock has gained its popularity thanks to its simplicity. It is very light, easy to fold and unfold and no manual is needed. You just need to find two trees, then enjoy the comfort and relax. At the very beginning, the basic material used to create this type of bed was wood bark and sisal fibers. Tourist hammocks that are being made today vary depending on the design, model, application and individual needs. We can choose between single or multi-player versions, as well as between the available materials. Some travel hammocks are also equipped with a mosquito net and a warmer. Anyone who plans to buy such a hanging bed should have no problem finding something for themselves, thanks to the wide range of products.

Double the pleasure

When going on a trip or trip, we often take someone with us. Fortunately, the manufacturers of tent hammocks have taken this into account. Double hammocks have been created for couples who, despite leaving, still want to sleep in one bed. The only thing that distinguishes them from individual models is the larger area of the material used and higher durability. The design remains unchanged. The average permissible load is about 200 kilograms, which guarantees that we will not fall to the ground while sleeping or resting.


Each of us is aware of how persistent mosquitoes can be in summer. Mosquitoes are just a drop in the sea of insects that can spoil our holiday. Spiders, flies, ticks ... can be changed endlessly. Traveling hammocks equipped with a mosquito net, which aims to protect users from insects, come to the aid of travelers. There is also the second option - buying the same security, if the purchased bed was not equipped with it before. This solution will ensure the safety and comfort of sleep for everyone.

Light gear

One of the most important parameters to consider when choosing a portable hammock is its weight. Among the products available on the market, you can find ultralight models that are dedicated to people who go on long and exhausting journeys. The weight of such hammocks varies around several hundred grams, and there are even those that weigh less than 200 grams! Weight is also related to the size of the beds, and thus - the lighter the hammock, the more space in a backpack or bag. For people who value durability and long use of the product, slightly heavier models are recommended. This is due to the materials used, such as polyester or nylon, and appropriate reinforcements. Some of the portable hammocks have a wooden frame, so they can also be a bit heavier, but such a construction will prevent the material from curling into a cocoon.


When looking for a product resistant to harsh weather conditions, special attention should be paid to the material and durability of our tourist hammock. Security is also an important issue. Among the products available, there are many models that offer excellent fastening thanks to the sturdy mounting brackets. The most commonly used materials with excellent durability and abrasion resistance are primarily cotton, polyester and nylon. Before traveling, it is worth buying a cover that will protect our travel hammock from damage and dirt. In most cases, such a cover is already included in the kit.

Cool evenings

The weather forecast is not always correct and can even be misleading at times. It may happen that during the trip we will sleep in low temperatures that we did not anticipate. This can be extremely difficult for people who feel cold especially at night. Therefore, it is worth buying an additional lining, which, in a set with a sleeping bag, provides travelers with adequate thermal comfort. Another solution offered by manufacturers is the purchase of the so-called an undersuit for a hammock, i.e. a material suspended from the outside of the bed, which will provide irreplaceable insulation against low temperatures and wind. There are also special sleeping mats and various types of thermal insulation films available on the market. Also, be sure to equip yourself with a good sleeping bag!

Why is it worth it?

Anyone who decides to purchase a hiking hammock will be pleased with the benefits that come with it. First of all, it will ensure adequate safety and comfort of sleep, as well as protect against unpleasant insects. What's more, it will make our luggage not heavier and will save valuable space. When deciding on a hanging bed, we do not have to worry about the terrain, as it is in the case of tents. In addition, this solution is more ecological - no traces will remain on the litter. The hammock will ensure a peaceful and good sleep thanks to rhythmic rocking, and on the second day everyone will be refreshed and full of energy for further travel and adventures.

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