How to care for a tent?

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If you were to conduct a survey after the holidays and ask a certain number of people the question "How do you care for your tent?", A large percentage of respondents would say (perhaps even with a shrug) that they do not care at all. The tent was brought back from vacation and tossed into a corner where it will be waiting for the next opportunity to leave. At the same time, it will be decaying, gaining moisture and slowly becoming useless - which we will discover only during the preparations for the trip. Meanwhile, it takes very little effort to keep it safe from mold and a musty smell. Well-groomed will repay the owners with the possibility of long use (and this does not only apply to expensive, branded products).

However, during the holiday itself, we follow a basic rule: never pack a wet tent . We only do this when there is no other option. Soaked, he will survive for a day without much damage, but not longer.

So little and so much to care for the tent

It is extremely important to store the tent properly. The ideal solution would be to hang it in a dry, cool and airy place, but not everyone has one. Most often, the tent is stored in a special bag. Before storing it, it should be cleaned and thoroughly dried, and preferably well ventilated . Regarding airing, it is a good idea to do it right after the trip - this way we will prevent the formation of mold. You should not refrain from ventilating, even if during your vacation not a drop of rain fell and the tent is completely dry.

If the tent is dirty, it is usually enough to rinse it with warm water and wipe the dirt with a damp sponge and a mild detergent - you can use liquid soap, for example. Gentle cleaning minimizes the risk of damaging the fabric of the tent. Of course, we do not pack it in a washing machine (possibly in a large-capacity drum, but we do not spin) and we do not use strong chemicals because it reduces properties such as insulation and water resistance.

Checking the condition of the tent before the holiday

Another thing worth paying attention to is zipper care . The faster it wears off, the more dusty or sandy the terrain on which you have to crash. The cleanliness of the lock is an important factor contributing to the extension of its life. While it is monotonous and somewhat tedious, an effective way is to clean it with a toothbrush after each use. In this way, we will remove all dirt, dust, sand and gravel from the zipper's teeth, thanks to which it will serve us longer.

Before going on vacation, you should set up the tent and carefully check its condition (including zippers). This will allow us to enjoy the rest without the risk of unpleasant surprises.

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