How to buy a good tent?

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"I can't afford to buy cheap things"

It would seem that everyone can handle such a question. However, to be honest, some people will buy an expensive tent just because it's branded, while some people will buy a cheap one because it's "just a tent" and there's no need to overpay. They may end up waking up ankle-deep in water one night because their tent gets wet or otherwise fails. A well-thought-out purchase will allow them to avoid this type of situation.

Quality usually goes hand in hand with price, so we should not save on it. A decent tent will serve us for years , not one season. Buying a new tent every year for the lowest price is by no means economical.

Plans for the future

Not very original, but certainly a valid conclusion is that the golden mean is the best. If our trips are rather occasional, we can buy a good tent, but not necessarily the most expensive one. And if we plan to travel often and spend the night in various types of places (not only on a camping site , but also "in the wild", on the beach, etc.), a high-end model will be a reasonable purchase. Made of decent material, with a flysheet made of maximum waterproof polyester (e.g. rip-stop PU 3000), rods made of aluminum stiffening the tent or ensuring flexibility of the fiberglass frame. This flexibility is important during strong winds and quick pitching of the tent.

An important question to ask yourself is how many people will be traveling with us . To enable everyone to sleep comfortably, it is reasonable to buy a larger tent - if we are exploring the world in two, we will be comfortable in a 3-4-person model. The tent itself should be tall enough to allow you to stand upright in it. One person should be able to set it up, so it is important that the structure of the tent allows for quick unfolding and folding. Channels through which construction masts are passed should not be too long. It is equally important that it is possible to unfold the flysheet (outer shell) first, and then attach the bedroom. This is especially important for people who know that they can often encounter bad weather. Ventilation holes should be placed as high as possible - this prevents condensation inside the tent.

What type of tent to choose?

There are many types of tents on the market today. Depending on the purpose, manufacturers define them as: family, camping (camping), trekking or expedition. During tourist trips, bivouac tents are optimal, but if our trip involves 4-5 people, it is better to consider family tents with 2 or even 3 bedrooms.

For campers, a good tent is essential. Many people buy it based on the information provided by the seller, and meanwhile you have to think about what kind of tent a particular person needs. And choose the perfect one for yourself.

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