We're going to an unforgettable campsite by the water!

We're going to an unforgettable campsite by the water! – main image

Where to go on a holiday trip to tents? To the water! Camping by the lake is a great idea for a campsite full of attractions. We can not only relax in the bosom of nature, but also spend time actively.

Camping by the water will be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family, especially if we decide to stay in a tent. For such a trip, however, you need to properly prepare yourself, taking with you various equipment and accessories, those that will ensure the comfort of camping, and increase the attractiveness of the entire trip. A tent, mattress and sleeping bags are of course the basis, but what else is worth taking with you?

Inflatable canoes

If there is a lake, then let there be canoes! Some campsites offer water equipment for hire, including kayaks and oars, but not all. And when going to the water, it would be a pity not to go by kayak ... It is a great way for active recreation, as well as the opportunity to admire the surrounding nature. That is why it is worth taking your kayak with you - preferably a pneumatic one, i.e. an inflatable one. Such inflatable kayaks are recreational models that will work well on trips on lakes and rivers. They are light and compact, so they can easily fit in a car trunk. Depending on the selected model, they can be designed for one, two or even three people. If parents with a child go camping, they will surely like the Sevylor Hudson inflatable kayak for three people. The seats in this kayak are, however, demountable, which makes it possible to create a configuration also for one and two people.


Inflatable accessories for children

Inflatable water accessories are another item that should be on the list of essentials. Inflatable mattresses, balls, wheels and pontoons will definitely diversify the stay by the water not only for children, but also for adults. When choosing a campsite by the lake with children, remember not only to have fun, but also to be safe. That is why our kids should wear special swimming sleeves, and even better - swimming vests. However, let's make sure that it is not an unpleasant necessity for the child!

Sevylor swimming vests are a combination of sleeves and a vest and are available in various designs that will certainly encourage the child to wear such a protection. A colorful, patterned vest will effectively support the child while playing by the water, while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. A specially constructed vest ensures maximum safety - the child's head will always be above the water surface.


Waterproof backpack

Waterproof backpacks will prove themselves not only during capricious weather, but also when relaxing by the water. Such a backpack will effectively protect our belongings against flooding - the phone, wallet or sandwiches will be safe in it. However, it is worth knowing that a waterproof backpack is not the same as a waterproof backpack. A product characterized by water resistance simply does not deteriorate when it comes into contact with water, while a product distinguished by water resistance is one that not only remains resistant to water, but most importantly - it does not let it through.

Most of the models of waterproof backpacks have a characteristic shape that resembles transport sacks. Such backpacks, just like bags, are equipped with a roll-up closure system, which guarantees 100% protection against water. The waterproof backpack also has durable buckles with a strong latch. All these solutions are designed to maximally protect the interior against flooding. With such a backpack you can relax on the shores of the lake.


Waterproof transport bag

What else will be useful when camping by the water? A transport bag, but like the backpack - also waterproof. A waterproof bag is a simple way to protect personal belongings against rainfall and flooding with water, which is easy to do when relaxing by the lake shore. Such waterproof bags are made of a specially impregnated fabric that prevents water from getting inside. It is mostly light nylon or strong PD / PS material, both waterproof. Some bags are also made of Cordura material - extremely resistant to abrasion and difficult weather conditions, and at the same time very light. The waterproof bag will work well on a boat, kayak or pedal boat, where it is easy to get water on board. However, remember to tie the bag to the kayak or hang it over your shoulder.

How else can you use transport bags ? The smaller ones can be used as a first aid kit - we can keep medicines, plasters and bandages in them, especially if we want to have certain items with us all the time. Due to the fact that the tourist bags are odor-proof, we can also use them as bags for dirty clothes.


Quick -drying beach towel

Which towels are best for camping? Quick-drying travel towels - regain dryness in no time! It is a great alternative to cotton towels, which fulfill their tasks well on a daily basis, but not necessarily when camping. A wet cotton towel is heavy, takes up a lot of space in your luggage and dries much longer, which can collect various germs and fungi. It is different with a quick-drying towel made of synthetic fibers - it is light, takes up less space and dries quickly. We can choose from popular microfiber towels as well as velor towels. The latter dry slower than microfiber towels (but faster than cotton ones), but they are more pleasant on the skin.

Among the quick-drying towels, we can also find large towels with prints, which are perfect for the beach. We can lie on them or wipe them right after leaving the water. There are larger and smaller models available to suit the needs of adults and children. A wide selection of patterned, quick-drying towels is offered by the Dr Bacty brand - these towels are distinguished not only by interesting patterns, but also antibacterial properties. They are made of 100% ultra-microfiber and finished with Polygiene technology, which prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Thanks to this, the towel stays fresh for longer!


Tourist first aid kit - a must!

Regardless of whether you are going camping to the lake, the sea or the mountains, you must bring a tourist first aid kit. Such a first aid kit should contain medicines that you take regularly, as well as other measures that will ensure our safety during the trip. Let us always have it with us.

A decent tourist first aid kit is one that has extensive equipment. There are basic elements such as plasters, regular and elastic bandages, dressings, sterile gauze, wound disinfectants, gloves, scissors, tweezers and safety pins. Pain relief and antipyretic pills , medications for stomach ailments, antiallergic agents and a thermometer will also be useful. When choosing a campsite by the lake, you should also enrich our first aid kit with measures to sooth bites and bites, foam for sunburn and a cream with a high UV filter.


The list of things to take with you when camping by the water is of course a lot longer. We cannot forget about such basic items as a tent adapted to a given number of people, a mattress or self-inflating mats, sleeping bags and blankets, a tourist cooker and tourist utensils. This list will of course be different when we spend the nights in a motorhome or caravan. Portable gas grills , a folding table and chairs are also great for camping. All in a compact tourist version!

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