We sell a motorhome - what to do to get a better price?

We sell a motorhome - what to do to get a better price? – main image

Most caravanning enthusiasts attach great importance to the activities related to the search and selection of a new or used motorhome. Checking all on-board systems, the health of the driveline, bodywork and more - everyone knows this list. Few people put a lot of effort into selling it. By investing a few hours of our own work and a small amount, we will effectively prepare our mobile home for sale at a slightly better price.

No cheating

At the very beginning, it is worth emphasizing that by masking damage and any shortcomings, we will not do much. We will achieve the opposite effect by honestly and reliably informing the buyer about all serious defects of the equipment sold . In this way, we will gain trust, and we will exclude the possibility of possible complaints caused by concealing important information. Therefore, at the very beginning of the inspection, it is worth presenting dents, cracks and scratches of furniture , and tell about the mechanical repairs .

Cleanliness and order

It is widely known that most of us "buy with our eyes" . No wonder that one of the first things we should take care of is thorough washing and cleaning of the motorhome . A carefully washed body will allow the buyer to take a close look at each fragment. Order in the interior has a similar value for the viewers. The cleaned upholstery, worn furniture, and arranged accessories will create a positive image of the whole in the eyes of the buyer.

It is also worth remembering to clean all the storage compartments - simply vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth will bring the desired result. Before the sale, we should also check the condition of the vestibules or awnings, the completeness of the frames and the necessary lines . Any abrasions, tears in the material or lack of equipment should be replaced.

Inside , the traces of normal use can be most easily noticed on the floor and on the upholstery of the sofas . Laying a new floor covering with a pattern similar to the factory one will cost you several dozen zlotys and a few hours of your own work (and patience). The replacement of worn upholstery will be a slightly larger investment - the cost of the material will be several dozen zlotys, while the work of the upholstery will cost several hundred.

Healthy accessories and mechanics

Immediately after examining the usable part of the motorhome, buyers carefully examine the mechanical condition, electrics and equipment . Before selling, it is worth removing glaring leaks from the engine, gearbox or joints - changing the oil and filters will also prove to our advantage. The engine compartment is not worth washing , it will arouse distrust of the buyer.

Negative feelings and almost certain resignation from the purchase will also cause all kinds of unpleasant smells felt in the interior of the motorhome. The first stage in the fight against unwanted odors is the aforementioned meticulous cleaning , and if the available chemicals are not enough - we can look for the source of the smell elsewhere. In such cases, the culprit is most often contaminated air conditioning together with the ducts distributing air around the cabin. Decontamination of the entire system and proper ventilation of the interior should eliminate the problem definitively. Also, a slight leak in the gas pipes will make it difficult to sell.

Selling a motorhome with numerous defects may turn out to be quite troublesome, and to make matters worse, we will not get a fair price for it. However, it is enough to spend a few hours to significantly increase its value, while spending little money.

Maciej Mokwiński
Maciej Mokwiński

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