What do you need to have in the car?

What do you need to have in the car? – main image

The regulations in force in Poland do not require drivers to carry too many additional equipment in the car. Some, however, are worth taking an interest in yourself, either for the sake of safety or just for the convenience.

In every car traveling on Polish roads, two additional elements are absolutely required - a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle.

In the case of a fire extinguisher , it should have a capacity of min. 1 kg, have a valid approval and undergo annual technical tests. Remember that the fire extinguisher should be placed in an easily accessible place, and therefore certainly not in the trunk.

By choosing a triangle with approval , we will not only meet the legal requirements, but also be sure that the reflective surface is large enough for the triangle set on the road to be noticed early enough by other drivers.

In Poland, it is not necessary to have a reflective vest in stock. Fortunately, however, many drivers choose to make such a purchase voluntarily. If we have a breakdown at night, or even if it is necessary to stop at the side of the road to replace a bulb or refill fluids, the vest will be clearly visible to other drivers. Without reflective elements on clothes, we will be noticed at night only several meters in front of an oncoming vehicle. For the driver, this may mean that there is not enough time to brake the car, and for us it can be a deadly threat.

It is also worth having a flashlight , which, like a vest, can be used to mark a place where you should pay special attention. In addition, the flashlight can be useful as a light source necessary when replacing a bulb or making a small repair.

And if so, you should not forget about the bulbs and fuses themselves - you should have all types that are in the car.

In modern cars, most of the tools are unlikely to be of any use to us, because today we can deal with minor breakdowns directly on the road. However, just in case, we can keep a set of basic keys in the trunk.

And let's not forget the spare wheel, jack and wheel wrench . Often, drivers do not remember that the wheel in the trunk also has the right pressure. It is better that we do not remember this until it is time to replace the wheel.

In emergency situations, a tow rope may also be necessary, thanks to which the car of a kind person will be able to pull our car when it breaks down.

If you are going on a long trip, it is a good idea to have in your car engine oil of the same type as the one you are currently flooding the engine with. According to information from car manufacturers, each car has the right to use about 1 liter of oil per 1000 kilometers, so you need to be prepared for refilling it.

However, even if the car does not use up the oil, it will be difficult to avoid using the washer fluid . Do not forget to have winter fluid in the tank in winter, i.e. one that will not freeze. In winter, you also need to have accessories such as a window scraper and a shovel (or shovel) to dig the car out of the snow (not only on a long route, but sometimes even in a snowy parking lot). In mountainous terrain, wheel chains may be useful.

When completing the equipment, let's not skip the first aid kit . In Poland, having it is not obligatory, but you never know when we will have to use it. A good first aid kit should include bandages, plasters, a tourniquet, disinfectant, a mouthpiece for artificial respiration, and protective gloves.

So equipped, we can safely set off even on a long journey. A list of mandatory vehicle equipment that must be carried in every car in different countries is presented in the road traffic regulations section.


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