Wintering caravan and motorhome

zimowanie kampera

We most often use the charms of caravanning in the summer season. In autumn, the caravan usually falls into oblivion for several months. However, it is worth taking care to prepare it well for winter, because thanks to this it will not cause us any problems in the next season.

Where to start preparing a motorhome or caravan for the proverbial putting to a peg for the winter? Certainly from a thorough washing of the body . Any measures with the addition of citrus should be avoided, as they may have a negative effect on the condition of the rubber seals. It is best to cover the paint with a double layer of wax , which will protect the body.

We cleaned the outside, let's also clean the inside. Let's start with the usual clutter and then wash all furniture and fittings. Whatever we can, let's clean the inside as well. Wipe each part dry so that it does not remain wet. The brackets should be smeared with petroleum jelly or lubricant.

When the house on wheels is shiny both inside and outside, drain the water from all plumbing fixtures . Leave the taps in the open position. The pipes are rinsed with a special preservative and then it is best to clean them with compressed air. The toilet cassette should also be emptied and cleaned with liquid.

Disconnect on-board devices from the power supply , including batteries and gas cylinder (during winter parking, the cylinder should be removed from the motorhome or caravan). It is best to leave all cabinets and the refrigerator open, so that nothing gets stale. We should also leave the vents and possibly one of the side windows ajar.

Items that absorb moisture easily, such as rugs, curtains and bedding, are best taken home . If we have a place to store mattresses, it's best to take them as well. Alternatively, they can be left in the vehicle in an upright position.

Because it is moisture that is the greatest threat, we recommend leaving moisture absorbers inside. For example, mice can get into an unused car or trailer. One of the ideas for securing the vehicle against unwanted guests will be to use an electronic, ultrasonic rodent repeller .

The drawbar of the trailer should be protected against frost, snow and water, and appropriate chocks should be placed under the wheels.

If the vehicle is to be kept outside, the roof should be cleaned periodically in the event of heavy snowfall. It is advisable that, even in winter, the motorhome is started at least once a month. Even if the car will only be started for a few minutes, do not forget about the coolant in the cooler, adapted to freezing temperatures. It is best if the motorhome is parked after refueling it completely and adding an additive to prevent paraffin precipitation from the oil .

Work related to the preparation of a caravan or motorhome for seasoning is best carried out on an autumn, sunny and dry day. The vehicle should not be covered with an ordinary tarpaulin or foil . Special sheets are recommended for motorhomes and caravans, which do not restrict air recirculation.

What to do with the caravan, if we do not want it to take up space in the garage, and we have little space in the yard? Fortunately, there are companies that offer a wintering service for caravans and motorhomes . We will find them in the company database.

For example, Balcamp proposes seasoning a camping vehicle in a hall, i.e. under a roof or on a square. Depending on the vehicle, the costs range from PLN 123 (for a place on the square for a single-axle trailer) to PLN 307.50 for storing a motorhome in the hall. Additionally, after the winter, the camping vehicle will be cleaned and checked before the next season starts. Wintering is also offered by the Elcamp company.

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