America by car, part 2/10 - Universal Studios

America by car, part 2/10 - Universal Studios – main image

Today is a great day almost entirely at Universal Studios. We were at all the attractions we wanted.

The Simpsons went to the first fire. I have to add here that after opening the gates, some Americans ran to be the first in… fast food bars… Jerzu is a big fan of the Simpsons, so it was obvious that for him it was a must on the agenda. I was very skeptical, but what we saw / felt exceeded the wildest expectations of all four of us! A one-of-a-kind show that allowed us to move into the world of Homer Simspon and FEEL (literally) a few minutes of adventure conducted at a frantic pace.

Then we went to the attraction called "Mummy's Revenge". Horror rollerkoster in the grave (mummy?) Darkness, thanks to which we screamed into the heavens.

We decided to finish by entering the "House of Horror", but only at times it was really scary here. We were stuck in a narrow room, rubbing against the corpse of foil hanging on ropes ...

"Terminator 2: 3D" is a show lasting a dozen or so minutes that cannot be missed when visiting Universal Studios. Robots, lasers, explosions - all in special glasses, on special chairs in harmony with light and touch (yes, touch).

The amazing show "Waterworld" turned out to be a hit. Daring stunts, gigantic explosions and a lot, a lot of water ... This show attracted the largest audience (at one time).

A visit to Universal Studios would not be complete without visiting the well-known Jurassic Park. A dinghy on the river, among lush vegetation, friendly (and not) dinosaurs ... Actually, it would be worth repeating only for the final scene itself!

"Backdraft" is a show of the filmmakers' ability to master, or rather try to control, fire. We learned about the complicated production of this film, how much time and resources were devoted to achieve the intended effect. Kurt Russell himself told what a challenge for him and other actors was to play in this film, and at the end we saw a few minutes long show of a rapidly spreading fire in the old hall.

"Special Effects Stages" is nothing but the "skinning" of some amazing scenes from widely known movies - rich in special effects. We were shown what it looks like from the kitchen, we were told some techniques used every day in the production of films by computer scientists, sound engineers, etc.

Finally, we went to the "Studio Tour". It is an interesting journey on a guided train, during which we visited, among others to the street known to all fans of the series "Desperate Housewives" ("Ready for Everything"). The preserved sets from cult films were the icing on the cake today.

Well, unless you consider our evening car trip through Beverly Hills as such, a glance (in the falling dusk to the Pacific) and a walk in the main "Fight" of Santa Monica.

At night - last, but not least - the famous Kodak Theater (Oscar-winning galas are held here), Chinese Theater, hundreds of stars underfoot at the Walk of Fame, El Capitan Theater and Wax Museum.

I invite you to read the next part in which we visited, among others , Kodak Theater, Staples Center and China Town

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I crossed America by car and I am happy to tell you about it!

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