Greece Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis Teraz Bus

Greece Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis Teraz Bus – main image

Our adventure with Greece began in Alexandroupolis, we arrived in the city quite late and we were very tired. We drove through the main streets and immediately started looking for a place to stay. We left the city already in Thessaloniki, stopped by the beach on the coast full of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses.


We drove the bus into some abandoned gate and parked in the empty section between the two centers. In one of them we have located unsecured bathrooms and a beach shower, which of course we made good use of. The next day, a familiar surprise: the empty beach in the evening turned out to be one of the busiest in Alexandroupolis. I guess we started to get used to the fact that we fall asleep in a relatively deserted place and wake up in the spotlight. We sat on the beach for a while and began to gather in the direction of Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki surprised us a bit, we had the impression that we were entering an abandoned city. There was no living soul on the roads and most of the shops were closed or even boarded up. Later it turned out that during the summer season, due to high temperatures, residents leave the city to holiday resorts such as Hortiati. However, the closer to the center, the more was happening around. What surprised us was the street layout in the city. One-way streets definitely reign, so if you go wrong, you make up for the kilometers! You could almost always turn to one side. With time, even complicated thoughts appeared, such as: "okay, if you did not turn there, then if you turn here and then two more times you will be on the same straight line", but usually they did not give anything. We finally got to a beautiful square with fountains and the monument to Alexander Macedonian, we cooled down a bit and walked along the boulevard overlooking the White Towers and the city marina. The boats and yachts looked wonderful against the azure water. After a short walk, we returned to the bus and there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for us: the entire rear bumper with oil spots. Something is dripping, something is leaking with a quick glance at the situation and the decision - we cannot make it to Macedonia.


With the oil problem in mind, we went to lunch in the city center. Beautiful main town and town hall, open air restaurant, music and the upcoming evening, Greece definitely charmed us with its atmosphere and positive people, smiling, kindly as if without worries.We wandered around the city for a while, satisfied our ATM needs and went to the bus with the intention of looking for accommodation. Gas station. Yes. We drove around the station, there was a promising square behind it, people sleeping in the bus did not mind, and the boys from the tent were probably too tired to discuss the softness of the asphalt. Traditionally, we have mastered the bathroom at the station with toothbrushes, buying some trinkets, because it is known for free for customers. From a series of morning surprises: Greek dogs, harmless but also a bit obnoxious. We could not get rid of one particularly intrusive, who marked his presence on the paintwork of the bus, jumping on the door and asking with his claws to let us in. We decided to run away quickly;)


Then we headed towards Macedonia!

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