Greece Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis Teraz Bus – image 1
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Greece Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis Teraz Bus

Our adventure with Greece began in Alexandroupolis, we arrived in the city quite late and we were very tired. We drove through the main streets and immediately started looking for a place to stay. We left the city already in Thessaloniki, stopped by the beach on the coast full of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses. . We drove the bus into some abandoned gate and parked in the empty section between the two centers. In one of them we have located unsecured bathrooms and a beach shower, which of course we made good use of. The next day, a familiar surprise: the empty beach in the evening turned out to be one of the busiest in Alexandroupolis. I guess we started to get used to the fact that we fall asleep in a relatively deserted place and wake up in the spotlight. We sat on the beach for a while and began to gather in the direction of Thessaloniki.

Turkey - Istanbul - Teraz Bus;) – image 1
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Turkey - Istanbul - Teraz Bus;)

Istanbul was the farthest point of our trip. We managed to reach the place where Europe meets Asia and cross the continental border (it is worth mentioning that it is one of the two metropolises around the world that covers two continents). Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey, we had the opportunity to see it the hard way, as we got there during rush hour. Driving a car through the city center requires a lot of skill, sometimes we wondered if there were any regulations at all. It took us a long time to drive a few kilometers, we are not sure if we have seen such huge traffic jams before.

Romania Transfogar Route (Transfăgărășan) Now Bus;) – image 1
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Romania Transfogar Route (Transfăgărășan) Now Bus;)

The Transfogar Route - one of the windiest and highest roads in Romania. The entire route is over 100 km long, and over 6 million kg of dynamite were used to build it !!. Our adventure with the route began in the early morning, at the very entrance we met tourists from Poland and exchanged a bit of our previous adventures Romania has once again left us speechless! The route makes an amazing impression, as soon as the first mountainous landscapes appeared, we could not believe that in the first version of the planned route, we were to avoid the Transfogar road. When planning our trip on this section, we were primarily concerned about whether the bus would cope with such a challenge. Our fears turned out to be completely unjustified. Zajezdnik was able to handle the climbs, turns and various crossings very well, we stopped several times, but not because of a breakdown, but only because of the wonderful views and the desire to photograph everything around In the driveway once again another one we met Poles, this time avid motorcyclists who told us about their travels and various routes perfect for a motorcycle and more!.

Classic and Practical - a project of the T3raz Bus team's expedition – image 1

Classic and Practical - a project of the T3raz Bus team's expedition

Volkswagen T3, a car for workers, will easily transport a concrete mixer and a few men tanned to the waist, not very conspicuous, usually a bit dirty, run down, a typical construction site on wheels. WE DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS!. The T3raz BUS project was created to prove that the Volkswagen T3 is a classy vehicle that is able to overcome even the most ambitious routes. The cars participating in our project are real classics on wheels, well-kept and pampered by the owners. Comfortable interiors transfer passengers from place to place to warm beaches, creating a camping atmosphere, feel comfort, freedom, driving these classics is like a journey back in time!.