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In 2012, we decided to explore the south of France from Monaco to Marseille. Southern France is hot and crowded, but the further away from the main resorts, the more beautiful and calmer it is.

We started with Parc Naturel Regional du Verdon and Saint Julien du Verdon , the views were worth a million dollars, and the campsite was only 14 euros for the two of us and the bus - after a quarter of an hour we knew why a blue lamp was on at the reception desk and the fly float was up to date. loans at the reception. Sheep are bred on the local slopes, and when there are sheep, the number of flies is indescribable, and although we felt sorry for such a lovely spot, the next day we were relieved to leave the spit habitat. The campsite itself is beautifully situated, clean, the service is very nice, playground for children, wi-fi - Camping du lac .

We were traveling with friends and for them the lowest point on the map of France was Sainte-Maxime , we found a camping des Mures by the sea, we did a bus trip to Saint-Tropez , we helped ourselves in the sea and went towards Nice . Finding a campsite by the sea is very difficult because there are hardly any of them, of course the further away from the sea the number grows, but we wanted the sea and that was it. In the vicinity of Nice we found a camping Parc des Maurettes 800m from the sea and decided to treat it as a starting point, the more interesting that the campsite itself was from 1950, had a terrace layout, old trees and a mini Spa with swimming pools. We liked it because it had an amazing atmosphere that the new campsites do not have. We took the train to Monaco , where we visited the Natural History Museum and wandered around the area. We made a trip by bus to the most beautiful town of this holiday, Tourrettes-sur-Loup , with a clear conscience we recommend this tiny historic town, where brilliant ice cream with unusual floral flavors is served, and you stroll through charming, narrow streets full of small home cafes. On the way back we touched Grasse - a medieval festival with people suffering from leprosy perfectly complemented the dirt and stench in the streets, I do not understand the guides who write that it is one of the most beautiful places. After a week we broke up with friends who were ending their holiday, and we had patience to sit in one place and we went down the coast of France again. We visited Antibes with a huge market in the city center and dizzying truffle prices of 580 euro per kg. We had a picnic somewhere on the Riviera Ligure di Ponente , we went down with a gas grill, a pot of fresh water and a ton of other things on the cliffs (good advice - on many campsites, and in fact most, you cannot use classic charcoal grills, so if possible better to buy a gas one and have peace of mind) to enjoy the beauty of nature on the very seashore. Near the port of Frejus there is a campsite Le Pont d'argenens , the beach next to it is a paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts, there are many of them there. Another stop at a campsite in Plage de Saint-Clair , a beautiful beach with great views here, we were attacked by the heat with the sirocco wind - something amazing. The temperature did not drop even at night, at 11 p.m. the thermometer was 31 degrees and the wind was bothering you. The refrigerator in the bus was alerting with a light that it could no longer be cooled down, perhaps chilling it by 2-5 degrees with the remnant of personal dignity. The sea did not bring any relief either, after entering which it twisted bones due to the too large temperature difference. After two days the wind stopped and we went even lower to La Ciotat to buy a boat trip on the Calanques . La Ciotat is a port city, charming, although a bit dirty and neglected, and the campsites do not captivate you, we found a place in one in the center of La Sauge , where old mulberry trees grew (once so eagerly planted fruit trees in Poland, and now completely forgotten) and it is probably end of pluses, because the campsite is located on a busy road, the bathrooms are not too clean, but the mulberry fruit is delicious. We visited the area, min. a city beach hidden between the rocks and the islet of Le Lion, from which daredevils jumped into the water, with a sensational pub among the trees. Whenever we enter the city, which is the purpose of our trip, we go to the tourist information, because there they have a list of open campsites and a lot of folders about attractions in the area. A tour of the Calanques is a must, the coast in this part of France is diverse and amazing, and the icing on the cake is visiting the town of Cassis . Again, our bus allowed us to do much more than a standard-size motorhome, because we could stop at the city parking lot next to the beach, with a height limit of up to 2m. As we were running out of time to explore France on our way back, we spent the night in Aix-en-Provence at the Chantecler campsite, and when the heat subsided we visited the city. The next day, we took refuge from the heat at the Pope's seat in Avignon . From France, we went directly to the Polish seaside for the Open'er festival in Gdynia. Busik proved to be 100% successful, no failures or surprises, it took us home happily after 3 weeks of travel. As usual, we have tons of folders, so if anyone is interested in some data, we are here to help.


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