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CAMP9 which is the smallest and best camping in the world – image 1
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CAMP9 which is the smallest and best camping in the world

In mid-May we went to Tarnowskie Góry, it was our next trip to Camp9. We have forgotten how beautiful this place is - there is a small lake between the rape fields, with trees growing next to it, here the owners of this charming place offer a house with a kitchen, a living room, terraces, and toilets. This is the place where you can completely relax. Full idyll. It is not easy to tarry there, a narrow path leads to the campground, and the neighbors do not even know that they have such a fantastic place next to it. We managed to barbecue and in the morning do yoga with the owner. Lots of attractions around:.

Molo VW Osieku campsite – image 1
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Molo VW Osieku campsite

In such heat it is worth going to Krakow on the Molo camping in Osiek! There is plenty to do there - a swimming pool, a lake with a pier, a fishing area, bicycle routes, wooden churches, and the campsite itself has all the amenities!. A short weekend trip to the Pier was a hit. For two days we felt like we were in warm countries. The campsite itself has 50 places and it is worth calling with a reservation request. There are often events there and the number of places is limited. We were on a quiet weekend in June, and yet it was full. Each box is separated by bushes, which for now look very delicate - it will probably change in 3 years. Toilets, bathrooms, washbasin, laundry, everything at the highest level - there is nothing to attach to. There is even a trampoline for children. The campsite is close to the swimming pool, which is paid, but there is a discount for campers. You can use the sports fields, fishing spots, swim a giant swan or lie on the pier by the lake. A great place for cycling trips, nice wooden churches in the area. We spent time there having a good time in conditions that are still difficult to find on most Polish campsites.

BrandysóVWka in the Będkowska Valley – image 1
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BrandysóVWka in the Będkowska Valley

On the weekend in June, we went to the Będkowska Valley and spent the night at the Brandysówka campsite. The neighborhood is worth the sin, you can walk along the asphalt road, and if you get bored, go down to one of the forest trails. For us, a bomb: Szeroki waterfall, Elephant's Dupa, Będkówka spring, Będkowska Gate, Sokolica, a cave above the spring. A nice place for a getaway with a child, because the campsite has a large playground and a small river. And of course, a perfect place for those who like to climb or admire those who climb, because the campsite is adjacent to Sokolica. It is worth taking your bikes with you, you can quickly reach the Fish Farm, where you can catch, prepare, eat fish from the breeding pond. We will definitely come back, the more so because it is so close to Silesia and we still have some to see and eat, because we didn't get to the fish.

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Czech Republic 2016

We like our cars, we like meeting new people, we like sightseeing. This year we combined it all and went to the Czech Republic for 4 days. For the first day we chose Podmitrov for the night, where our Czech friend Jirka is organizing a family gathering of Volkswagen fans in the spring and in the fall. We love Czechs and we feel very welcome with them, which is why we have been going to this rally for three years. This year, we managed to gather a team of 16 buses from Poland and visit Jirka, and at the same time visit several places: Pernstejn castle, Cerna Hora brewery, Sloup and Macocha caves, Olomouc and the private motoring museum Veteran Arena in Olomouc. We ended each evening with a common meal - we all cooked in our Bograczu. We liked this way of traveling very much and we are already planning another such trip.

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Budapest is one of those places we visit quite often. When moving around it, we use public transport, the metro works there perfectly or we wander the streets of Budapest slowly. There are a few places we particularly like:. - old M1 metro line with absolutely brilliant vibe. We usually stay overnight at Kiraly utca and we are close to the M1 so we take advantage of it. We are regular visitors to Hősök tere , where the Vajdahunyad Castle is located. The Városliget City Forest has many attractions, such as the zoo , Vidampark (amusement park) and the largest and oldest thermal pool complex in Budapest, Széchenyi Fürdő , and a circus. In winter, a large ice rink is organized.

Gorlice and its surroundings – image 1
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Gorlice and its surroundings

Every two years, when we organize a rally in Niedzica, we try to visit Sokolskie Chaty in Gorlice. It is a lovely spot with two houses for rent. The area is full of interesting places such as the ruins of the Rytro castle, the Castle in Szymbark, the Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz, and Stary Sącz. www.sokolskiechaty.pl.

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places for a short trip - Silesia

In spring, places that are crowded in summer are often empty. This is the case in Przeczyce. It is true that there are already a lot of lovers of relaxation in the bosom of nature and there are already trailers, but you can still find a lot of free space here, much more than, for example, on Pogoria IV. We usually enter a designated area from the side of Tuliszów. In high season, entry fees are charged there, they are not too high. Our second place for short trips is the roller in Góra Siewierska, and the third is Rogoźnik. You can fly a paraglider on the roller or just watch how it's done. You can also do off-road, because the conditions are great there and so are the views. Rogoznik is a water reservoir favored by the local population. This time we drove behind the old mill, to the end of the road, and then only gravel. There you can see the ruins of the old mill buildings, and even further, the ruins of the bridge that was destroyed during World War II. Off-road enthusiasts will also find something for themselves. It is worth taking a walk around the area. We drop a link to interesting facts from the area http://www.wiedza.fora.pl/gmina-bobrowniki-przyroda-zabytki,90/wartosci-przyrodnicze-okolicy-rogoznika,490.html.

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VW travel

We like traveling very much. Best in the company of friends and coffee :) Do you have that too? Coffee stops, discussions, laughter, rest in interesting places and this insane smell of the coffee maker. And the blue T2 bus has its own atmosphere. Below are some photos from our travels:. Camp9 nature campground Poland Address: Księdza Henryka Renka 11, Tarnowskie Góry We came across this camping thanks to CampRest. It is a perfect place to rest: a lake, forest, hammocks, deckchairs and a very nice house with bathrooms and a communal kitchen.

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Pępowo - Volkswagen Museum

On the occasion of the VWe Wdzydzach rally, which we went to in 2014, we went to Pępowo, where the largest private Volkswagen museum in Poland is located. The owner of the museum showed us around his collection of over 40 vintage cars. We especially liked the exhibition hall on the ground floor, where you could see T1, T2 and T3. http://vwmuseum.pl/pl/ ul. Armii Krajowej 50, 83-330 Pępowo.

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OUR 2015

Because when traveling, it's not just the destination that counts. Sometimes it can be close, sometimes it can be quite far. We will tell you what happened with us in 2015 and we hope to encourage you to travel. Or maybe you will come with us on a trip. The nearest one is already at the end of April - we are going to the Czechs for a rally, and then we will explore the area, Czech caves are planned. There will be a nice bunch of us, 10 buses so far. But back to the journey: MARCH 2015 in March we came to the Czechs for a rally to Podmitrov. As usual, the weather was not spoiling, but the atmosphere, as usual, was 5+, so in 2016 we already entered the rally organized by Jirka into our calendar.

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V Italian robot

As the purpose of our holiday trip we chose Lake Garda, which we have already visited before and we remembered how nice it is. On the way, we decided to make a stop for a few days in Austria, which we usually avoided. But now, traveling with a two-year-old, we've set our minds for a longer and more comfortable journey. On the way to Italy, we had two stops, the first in the Czech Republic at the campsite http://www.kemp-merkur.cz/ Pasohlávky. There are many attractions there, such as an amusement park or a wakepark, and right next to an aquapark. We chose Lake Attersee for our second stop . Austrians love camping, so in high season there are problems with finding places to stay. We found the campsite https://www.camping-seensucht.at with a swimming pool, a lake, a playground, a restaurant and a fairytale-like location. We stayed for a few days and gathered in Italy. In 2015, August was outrageously hot, the temperature at night did not drop below 30 degrees. Our first stop by the Garda was camping Baldo http://www.campingbaldo.com/ , which is our favorite. There are few places in this intimate campsite, but each one with a lake view. The beach is separated only by a fence and a pedestrian and bicycle path. The conditions at the campsite are adequate for the price, it is clean and tidy, and you can eat and drink in the pub. And a complete lack of commercialism. The towns nearby are amazing, tailored to hiking and biking tours. After we said goodbye to Baldo, we headed towards Lazise. It is a beautiful town with a harbor, and the campsites around provide everything except the climate, unfortunately. We missed the unpretentiousness of a small campsite, but our daughter enjoyed the attractions of a large campsite - swimming pool, activities for children, parties for toddlers, etc. Unfortunately, we missed Sirmione due to the event which closed the entire area. We stayed in Toscolano Maderno, where we stay for two nights. The choice of campgrounds is good and the surroundings are pleasant, although the beach is full of algae and some dirt. We continue to the north of Garda. The fewer and fewer campsites on the west coast and the total lack of places make us say goodbye to Garda and look for accommodation on Lake Lago di Ledro. There are several campsites there, the most beautiful one is Camping al Sole, but due to the heat on the Garda, many tourists decided to take a breather at this small lake, where the temperature is 10 degrees lower and therefore there were no vacancies. Lago do Ledro is a fantastic base for hiking, biking, canoeing and other activities. The campsite we stayed at was Camping Azzurro.

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Before we became fans of the Volkswagen T3, we tested various ways to go on vacation. We traveled with the Niewiadów trailer pulled by Twingo, we rode a motorbike, we traveled in a motorhome with friends, by train, by bus, in short, whatever we could, just further. In 2009 we went to Bulgaria with four friends in a motorhome. Five people in one car means it is never boring, there is always something going on. It is a great form of traveling. Our first destination in Bulgaria was Belogradchik. We found a tiny campsite with a shower and toilet :) and we stayed there for a few days, feeding nearby stray dogs, even saving one of them from drowning in the city fountain. The town itself is not as great as its surroundings, there are beautiful mountains and a Fortress, and in the center you can bear traces of communism and its influence on architecture, unfortunately.